How to Travel the World in Affordable Style with Stayful

Stayful isn’t your typical travel and hotel companion. You don’t just type in which dates you want to go away and then scroll through a list of dozens if not hundreds of possible hotels. With Stayful, you’re browsing gorgeous boutique hotels with rooms available in over 30 cities in the United States and Canada (with more on the way). You get to pick where you’re going, the style of the hotel, the price and the date.

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It gets better from there because browsing through the hotels is an experience in itself. Take it from me, you don’t even need to be traveling to enjoy Stayful. Just browse through the gorgeous photos and fantasize without booking a single trip if you want. Of course, when you do book a trip, Stayful guarantees prices at least 10 percent better than the competition.

Finding the Perfect Hotel with Stayful

When you launch Stayful, the app asks you a simple question: What are your travel plans? Your only job is to respond to that question as specifically as the app allows you and then Stayful will take care of the rest.

The response is organized like an ad-lib. To start out, your response is “I’m going to New York City and I want to see all $ – $$$ hotels from (a given date).”

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First, tap the city to choose from the list of possible destinations. Next, tap “All” to choose a style of hotel. There’s everything from luxurious to hip to party and even kid-friendly, too. Each style comes with a brief description so you can hopefully get a better feel for what the results might look like.

After that, choose your price range: budget, mid-priced or premium. Select one, two or all if you’d like. And lastly of course, pick the dates for your getaway. Then get ready to browse the many offerings.

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Stayful will tell you what it found within your interests and then you start planning your trip. At a glance, you can see the name of your various matching hotels, an image and the “best online rate.”

From there, tap any hotel to get in on the full details. Stayful will tell you about the property amenities and room amenities, plus display the location on the map and provide a gallery of gorgeous photos. The small circular icons at the top of any hotel page also let you know quick bits of information about the features of the hotel like Wi-Fi, a fitness center, a bar, etc. The TripAdvisor rating is also there so you can check out popular opinion.

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When you’re ready to book the hotel, tap I’LL TAKE IT! at the bottom. In just a single view, Stayful will lay out everything you need to know about the price and booking details and prompt you to fill out your payment information. You can go from browsing hotels to securing your room in five minutes.

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Tip: Tap the gift icon at the top right to invite friends and get $25 for traveling when you send them $25 worth of Stayful Credits. Hooray!

Enjoy Traveling, Use the App

Overall, Stayful is a great way to book vacation getaways or even just dream about the future. Think of it as the Pinterest of hotel booking. Try it out and fall in love.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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