How to Record Tabs and Screen Right From Chrome

There’s so much stuff you can do in Chrome that sometimes it feels like it’s an operating system of its own. That’s because it is. Well, kind of (hello Chromebook users). After stuff like image editing, add the ability to record either a single Chrome tab or the entire PC screen to the list.

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There are two extension that can help you do this. Let’s take a look.

1. Screencastify

The most versatile and feature rich option is Screencastify. When you install the extension you’ll need to give the app permission for accessing your microphone and the front facing camera. This is of course voluntary. But if you do provide access, the extension will be able to record your voice and your face that will then be shown in a little window in the bottom-right.

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If you’re recording walkthroughs for someone, this is a great feature to have enabled.

While Screencastify is free to use, you can only record 10-minute videos with the free plan. And they’ll have a Screencastify watermark in the top-right. To remove the restrictions, you’ll need to pay a €20 one time fee.

To get started recording, click the Screencastify icon from the extension bar. You’ll see a drop-down with a list of options.

From here you can select wether you want to record just a tab, the entire screen or the camera.

Below you’ll find options to enable the audio, select the volume, enable the video, and specify the quality of the video. At the bottom, click the Start recording button to get started.

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The recording will now start and you’ll see a little preview pop up in the bottom-right corner. In the bottom-left you’ll see options for annotations and showing a cursor. The pop up also lets you pause the video.

To stop the video, click the extension button again and click Stop recording.

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You’ll now see a preview of the video. From here you can share the video, save it to the local disk or to Google Drive.

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2. TechSmith Snagit

If you’re looking for a completely free and a simpler option, Snagit is for you. Snagit’s limitation is that it only lets you save videos to Google Drive. Local storage isn’t supported. So if you don’t always have a stable broadband connection, Snagit might not be for you.

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Snagit supports both screenshots and screencasts. But only screencasts can record the entire screen.

All about screenshots: check out the best Chrome and iOS extensions for taking full page screenshots.

To get started, click the Snagit icon from the extensions bar. A sidebar with options will show up. Here, select Video and from the pop-up window, select the area you want to record. It can be the entire screen or any of the open windows.

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When you’re done, just click the extension icon again and click the square Stop button.

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The video preview will show up and the extension will prompt you to log into your Google account so it can save the video in a “TechSmith” folder in your Google Drive.

Walkthroughs For Life

If you’ve had friends or family bug you about the same web problems over and over again, you know how annoying it can be. Now, just send them a video walkthrough.

What all stuff will you use screencast for? Share with us in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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