Lara Croft GO Review: An Adventure on Your iOS Device

With the release of Hitman Go, developers at Square Enix Montreal created one of the most surprising entries into the mobile gaming market, taking a major gaming franchise and reimagining it completely into a game fitted perfectly for tablets and smartphones.

Lara Croft Go Review

This time, the small Canadian studio has given us their take on Lara Croft, the iconic character from the Tomb Raider series in Lara Croft Go a game that takes some of the best elements of the console installments and uses them to create something that while familiar, is still a unique experience.

Let´s take a look at this new mobile adventure featuring the unique tomb-raiding heroine.

New Moves

If you were a bit disappointed that the main character in Hitman was not able to move fluidly, you will be happy to know that Lara does have a full range of movements, including staple ones of the franchise, like her signature ‘cliff-hanging’ move.

Lara Croft Go Hanging

She does not have entire freedom to roam around though. In the game, she moves along lines that are carved on the ground that indicate all the possible paths at her disposal, so this is still a strategy game, only with a bit more focus on action.

Think and Act Quickly

The first few levels in Lara Croft Go are pretty straightforward and serve to introduce you to the basic mechanics of the game. During these, you will spend most of your time pulling levers and evaluating which is the correct path towards each level’s end.

Lara Croft Go Puzzle

However, quickly enough the levels become harder with more difficult obstacles and gigantic enemies that will do all they can in order to prevent you from heading deeper into the ruins you explore.

Lara Croft Go Dragon

As you progress through the game’s 40 levels though, you’ll gain access to single-use weapons (like torches for example) that you will be able to use to combat the pursuing threats.

And to make things more challenging, even the surrounding environment will turn against you, with your actions more often than not triggering death traps like arrows or bottomless pits that will kill you instantly.

Lara Croft Go Pit

Dying in the game is not frustrating at all though, since you are taken almost immediately to the start of the level without any sort of delays or interruptions.

About the games atmosphere, it is exceptionally well accomplished thanks to a soft but immersive soundtrack that fits perfectly the ruin-exploration theme of the game.

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All in all, Lara Croft Go is an amazing entry not only into the Tomb Raider franchise, but into the puzzle adventure genre overall. If there is one thing that more experienced gamers will miss, is the lack of more challenging levels, as the existing ones are never really that hard to beat.

Lara Croft Go Snake Path

But even if you are marginally interested in puzzle adventure games, Lara Croft Go will definitely provide you with a good amount of fun while at the same time serving as a unique homage to a legendary game series.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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