Top 3 Alternatives to Photo Booth for Your iPhone

Photo Booth has been a fun and popular app on the Mac for years now. The webcam photography app made its debut on iOS as an app for the iPad 2 all the way back in 2011, but have you noticed that something has been missing since then? Apple never made an official Photo Booth app for the iPhone or iPod touch. So now what?

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Well thanks to the overwhelming number of photography apps in the App Store, there are a few alternatives. They don’t have quite the same experience as Photo Booth, but if you’re looking to add wacky effects to your photos or videos and send them off to your friends, these apps will get the job done just fine.

1. LOL Movie

LOL Movie is probably the closest thing you can find to Photo Booth and arguably better in some ways. It includes four main settings, three of which are free to use. You can use “masks” which are basically just various entertaining distortions, filters to overlay those and add some color and effect, audio to alter the sound of your voice in recordings and background music — the paid one.

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Certain features do need to be unlocked like background music as well as the full library of masks, but you can unlock everything for a modest $3.99.

Whether you’re snapping a photo or filming a video, the number of combinations you can pull off to make yourself look as ridiculous as possible is unparalleled in the App Store. LOL Movie even works with iPad as a bonus.

2. CamStar

CamStar is the runner up for Photo Booth alternatives. It actually has more filters and distortion effects than LOL Movie, but unfortunately you can’t film video in the app. Still, these effects are definitely more fun and creative. Some are just very clever frames and borders that place you in a scene and others are the more traditional effects you might be used to.

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There’s more than enough to browse through. Be sure to snap some photos with the built-in self timer, save them to your photo library and send them along to friends. Everything is free, except when you save photos CamStar includes a watermark on every photo. An in-app purchase can remove this for $2.99.

3. Crazy Helium Booth

Last on the list is probably one of the most outlandish ones in the best way possible. Crazy Helium Booth is far more than what it probably sounds. Not only can you alter your voice to be high-pitched, you can use other vocal effects too. Then of course it includes a number of face effects and the option to record a video in slow motion or fast motion.

The catch to Crazy Helium Booth is that the focus is actually on videos so you can’t snap photos in the app. Also, it doesn’t include nearly as many effects as the first two. Still, there’s something massively fun about it.

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Photobooth Alternative 3

In fact, I first discovered this app weeks ago when my friend sent me multiple hilarious videos of her just goofing off with the different effects. I quickly got hooked on sending around obnoxious videos, too. It’s easy enough because you can send your recorded video in a text message directly from the app — or save it for other purposes.

Crazy Helium Booth is free with restrictions (30-second videos) or you can opt for the $1.99 full version.

Note: Crazy Helium Booth doesn’t come with in-app purchases like the first two apps. To upgrade, you’ll instead have to download the separate, paid app.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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