Master Angry Birds 2 With These Piggy-Killer Tips

While the new entry into the Angry Birds series does make things fresh once again for the franchise, a few of the additions require more strategizing. Moreover, the new free-to-play approach of Angry Birds 2 (which we reviewed here) makes it a bit of a chore to earn some items that weren’t as important before.

Angry Birds 2 Main

Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help you get through the game a bit faster and spending a lot less money, if at all.

1. Go for the Daily Quests

If you have been playing Angry Birds 2 for a while now, then you know that gems are extremely useful, be it for acquiring cards or lives. However, if you want a bunch of them, you will have to pay.

Angry Birds 2 Daily Quest Chest
Angry Birds 2 Daily Quest Box

On the other hand, if you are willing to work a bit, you will be able to earn a lot of gems without spending a dime. You can do so by completing the Daily Quests, and in many cases you will even get some gems just by showing up. If you are diligent with these and use them wisely, in just a few short days you will amass quite a substantial amount of them.

2. Go Social

Most games using the free-to-play model work this way: You send gifts to your friends, then expect them to return the favor.

Angry Birds 2 Soocial Share
Angry Birds 2 Soocial Friends

You can do this the smarter way though, by getting a group of friends to play the game on their own and staying in constant contact sharing gifts with each other. You’ll all get gifts, then will get more involved in the game and as a result you will send and receive even more gifts. Like spells for example, which can be extremely useful and make levels a lot easier, thus inviting more playing time. Everybody wins.

3. Step-up Your Bird Knowledge

Angry Birds 2 changes the traditional formula of pre-set level design for somewhat randomized levels this time. These changes bring definitely more variety, but at the same time they make the game a tad more challenging.

Angry Birds 2 Bird List

In turn, this is precisely what makes the game more strategic than its predecessors, forcing you to think ahead and plan which birds to use depending on the scenario in front of you.

For your reference, here is a short refresher of what each bird can do in the game:

  • Red Bird: The classic one. Can break through strong structures.
  • Yellow Bird: Break through wood and also boast a very handy dash ability.
  • Blue Bird: Great against ice.
  • White Bird: Drops eggs from above. Great for reaching targets hidden between two structures.
  • Silver Birds: This new kind of bird is made for breaking stone.
  • Black Bomb Bird: The B3 (as I call it) needs no introduction, as a single hit with its powerful bombs make it ideal against big sctructures.
  • Terence: This massive red bird can be both a blessing or simply useless. Most of its usefulness will depend on the level design and on if you know how to take advantage of it.

4. Cheat Time

If all else fails and you can simply not wait any longer to get more lives and keep playing, then just head to your iOS device’s Settings, go into General and in the Date & Time section you will be able to advance the clock by disabling the Set Automatically option.

Angry Birds 2 Date And Time

Once done, just turn the clock back to normal.

There you go. Enjoy these helpful tips and enjoy cruising through all the piggies in this challenging game!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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