Get Instant Laptop Battery Stats Below the Mouse Pointer

Batterypower Thumb We’ve covered a few (umm, seventeen!) tips to extend your laptop battery power, but even that may not help when your laptop is loaded with megatons of desktop like power and just a mediocre battery to handle it all. No wonder, most of the regular sized laptops these days usually run out of battery in just a couple of hours.

I myself keep checking the battery charge left on my laptop by frequently pointing to the tiny battery icon on Windows 7, and it’d be safe to assume that you do the same too! But lets face it, the battery icon in Windows 7 (and Vista, and XP) sucks. It doesn’t show much information by default, and you’ve to repeatedly hover your mouse over it to see the charge left in your battery.

Screenshots1This is where the tiny utility called BattCursor comes in handy. Designed for the newer Windows versions (aka Vista and 7), BattCursor puts a number below the mouse pointer, only when a charger isn’t driving your laptop. And this number is the power left in the battery! The pointer is almost always visible, so now it actually becomes difficult to miss the battery charge left (not that it’s bad in any way)!

Batt Cursor Configuration

BattCursor does a hell lot of things besides plastering numbers below mouse pointers. For one, it’s a full fledged battery manager. It can automatically switch power plans depending on whether your laptop’s plugged in (preferably to “High performance” mode), or running on battery power (to “Power saver” mode).

Batt Cursor Configuration2

BattCursor’s configuration window is filled with boatload of options, not all of which is necessarily well organized or explained, and there is another boatload of options hidden under an “expert” switch. I won’t cover all of that, as it’s unlikely you’re actually going to use these extra features. Of course, you can always poke around and see what’s useful to you.

Batt Cursor Configuration3

Overall, BattCursor is a nifty tool to keep an eye on the battery power and automate the switching of power plans, when you need it. Try it, and do let us know of any similar apps that you know. 🙂

Download BattCursor to keep a tab on your laptop battery charge.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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