How to Delete Viewing or Rating History on Netflix

So you want to get rid of your viewing history on Netflix, huh? Not too proud of some of the titles you chose to stream, or just don’t want other members on your account knowing your business? We’ve all been there.

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It’s actually deceptively easy to get rid of your Netflix history, or specific titles in your history. You can also reset your ratings on certain shows if you want to start fresh with recommendations or accidentally set a rating for a show you didn’t watch. You just have to do a little digging to find these features, but luckily, Guiding Tech has done that for you.

How to Delete Netflix Viewing History

To delete you’re Netflix viewing history, you need to go into your account on the (newly redesigned) Netflix website. Do this by hovering over your name at the top right, then clicking Your Account in the menu.

Note: Before continuing, make sure you’re logged in to your own user profile. If you’re using someone else’s profile on your account, it’ll show their viewing activity instead.

Netflix Delete Activity

Netflix’s account settings are basically just a giant pile of links, so scroll until you find Viewing activity under the My Profile section.

Netflix Delete Activity

Once you’re here, notice the X next to every title you’ve recently streamed on Netflix.  Click the X next to the title you want to delete and without warning, Netflix will delete it.

Netflix Remove Series

If you’re removing a TV show and click 


next to a specific episode you watch, after that episode Netflix will ask if you want to delete the entire series. To do this, click 

Remove series?

to delete every episode you watched from your viewing activity.

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t allow the automatic clearing of your entire viewing activity at once, so you’ll have to go through and delete specific shows and movies. If you really need a clean slate, you can always create a new account.

How to Delete Netflix Ratings

If you want to reset a rating for one of your shows, you can access this option on the same Viewing activity page. Take note of the toggle on the top right and click Rating instead of Watching. This will present a list of TV shows and movies you’ve rated along with the rating.

Netflix Rating Reset

You can change the rating for each by clicking the stars or click the X next to a title to delete the rating and start over. This is especially useful if you think a movie or TV show you rated a certain way is falsely influencing what Netflix recommends.

Since ratings apply to entire TV shows rather than individual episodes, clearing one rating will automatically affect the whole series.

Binge Watchers Duly Note

Ultimately, deleting viewing history or ratings can help Netflix learn a little more about you moving forward. Yes, of course watching and rating makes it smarter, but sometimes interests change so it’s good to do a refresh and have your Netflix account reflect that. Plus, deleting viewing history keeps wandering eyes looking elsewhere.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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