Metal is a Memory Friendly Facebook Android Alternative

So let’s talk about the Facebook app for Android today. The app gets regular updates in every two weeks and I must say that they have come a far way and have managed to provide a streamlined experience to the users. But the app is resource hungry and take a lot of internal storage and RAM. Also, if you wish to use the messenger for chatting, you will have to install a whole different app just for that task.

Facebook On Mobile
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For users on Flagship Android devices, this might not be a major concern. However, there are many users who are on a budget device with limited memory and space to spare. Using the Facebook and Messenger app on them can give these users some hiccups. We did discuss some apps in the past for both tablets and phones, but few of them were discontinued and removed. So as an all new alternative, you can try the Metal app for Android.

Metal for Facebook on Android

To get started, Metal for Facebook on Android is an alternative to the official Facebook app we have for Android. It’s based on the Material Design guidelines and is just about 1.4 MB (APK) in size. The app was previously in beta phase and required users to join the Google+ Community. But now can be directly downloaded from the Play Store.

Metal For Facebook 1
Metal For Facebook 3

You can still join the G+ Community if you are interested in the development news. Once you install and launch the app, you need to do the usual and sign in to your FB account. The app also supports the faster login option using a 4-digit passcode.

Once you sign in, the app is your playground. There’s a sidebar which makes navigation easier. You can open messages, notifications and even open the memories for the day from there. There’s a box at the top of the page from where you can update status, upload photos and check-in. The Compose button at the bottom-right only brings you to the top of the page to update the status.

Metal For Facebook 2
Metal For Facebook 7

One thing I really liked about the app is the integrated messaging. You can see and reply to messages directly from the Metal app itself. There is sticker support and one can even upload photos directly from the app. Even while updating the status, there’s no need for compromise. The app gives all the options like check-in, photo uploads and even moods.

Metal For Facebook 6
Metal For Facebook 8

In the app’s preferences, there is an option to change themes, but that’s just limited to the app’s top and sidebar. You can choose the option to allow check-ins and opening of links in the app itself instead of opening it in the browser. For users who are on a slow internet connection or just want to save on data can use the option to Block images. This will save time and bandwidth by blocking all images loaded on the network.

Metal For Facebook 4
Metal For Facebook 5

Facebook for iOS: Here is an alternative Facebook on iOS app that we had spoken about earlier.

There’s Potential and I Can See It

That was pretty much everything about Metal. As I’ve already mentioned, the app is your playground and you should explore it yourself. You might not get the streamlined user interface from the app, but it replaces around 300 MB of Facebook and Messenger app with just 6 MB of space consumption (App Data Excluded).

The app is still in Beta and with the kind of updates it has received since last week, it really looks promising. If you are a user who really needs an app that’s low on resources, easy in navigation and free of ads when it comes to Facebook on Android, totally give it a try.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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