Carrot Weather: The Best Weather App for Mac

I’ve been scouring for a decent weather app on the Mac that catered to everything I could ask for. My search was ongoing for years. It’d be easy enough to do a roundup of the best apps for the Mac, but I’ve never been truly satisfied with any one weather app in particular. Some are okay, others are more than okay, but none of them fulfilled my picky needs.

Carrot Weather
The search is over for a solid weather app on the Mac.

Well, that is until recently when I found out my favorite weather app for iPhone would launch on the Mac. Sure enough, there’s no competition: Carrot Weather is the best weather app you can get on your Mac. Let’s explore why.

Carrot Weather is Jam-Packed with Features

Carrot Weather reports on everything you could possibly want to know about the weather and then some. It includes a full 24-hour forecast and eight-day forecast to start. Plus, it can also inform you about precipitation in the next hour and when it will begin down to the very minute – it can do this for every day of the week, too. That’s just to start.

Carrot Weather One Hour Rain

It also includes chance of precipitation, the “feels like” temperature, wind speed, humidity, UV index, cloud cover, visibility, dew point, sunrise, sunset and so many other little details. Best of all, it’s well-designed so none of these clutter up the app in any way. They’re there when you need them with just a quick hover of the mouse over the particular day you want to investigate, then gone when you don’t need them.

I also like to have at least the current temperature showing in the menu bar at the top of my Mac and Carrot can do that too. Plus if you click the icon, it drops down a mini-window with some brief details about the upcoming forecast. Carrot Weather supports multiple locations too, which can be toggled in both the mini-window and full-version app.

Carrot Weather Mini Window

Tip: Check out Carrot Weather’s secret locations, too. The more you use the app, the more you unlock. There’s everything from the North Pole to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

About as convenient as the mini-window is the notification system. In the Settings menu, you can set Carrot up to notify you every morning and night about the forecast for that day and the following day. I’m never without knowledge on what the day will look like.

Carrot Weather is Jam-Packed with Knowledge

Speaking of knowledge, Carrot has lots of it. This is because the forecast data is provided by my favorite source on the web: The Forecast API is provided by the same team who created the very popular Dark Sky app, and it means Carrot is extremely accurate with pinpointing precipitation throughout eight whole days.

Carrot Weather Details Mac gets its data from nine different reliable weather sources, then aggregates them and presents the most likely scenario based on all nine for any given location. Before Carrot Weather, I was familiar with the Forecast API in other apps and it’s definitely the most accurate forecast you can find. If it predicts rain in six minutes, pretty often you’ll see water fall from the sky in about 360 seconds.

Carrot Weather is Jam-Packed with Sass

Arguably the best part about Carrot Weather is the sass that it serves up. You see, Carrot Weather is actually powered by a pretty sarcastic robot named Carrot. Every single time you open the app or load the forecast for a new location, Carrot will have something pretty cheeky to say that typically corresponds with the weather.

Carrot Sass

I just opened the app now and Carrot’s advice for tonight is “Shoot for the moon. The worst that can happen is you’ll die penniless and alone.” Carrot never fails to make me laugh every time I check the forecast. It’s a weird side effect of using a weather app, but maybe it might just remedy a miserably rainy day.

Carrot Weather Isn’t Free, But is Worth Every Penny

Carrot Weather is available in the Mac App Store for $11.99. That’s definitely not cheap – it’s about the cost of a new album – but I didn’t even hesitate to drop the twelve bucks when I read the announcement about its release. There’s no other Mac weather app that can lay a finger on it, seriously.

Also be sure to check out the companion app for iPhone and iPad for $3.99. There’s a weather widget in store for you, too.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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