How to Quickly Search for Files, Contacts, Apps on Android

Mobile storage these days extend to 64 GB or even 128 GB in a few cases. You can fill that space with HD videos, music, and various other important data files. If you have your files organized in folders, it’s very easy to search for them in the explorer.

But do we really have them categorized to the last byte? Well, I get my videos from different sources and to be frank, don’t care to sort them out of sheer laziness. I don’t even remember as to which folders I have dumped them to.

Search Files Easily
Easily search through your files on Android

When it comes to search, we all know that no one can do it better than Google. But that’s only limited to the online searches. The Google search on Android phones is still limited to only apps and contacts. There’s nothing to help an individual search or videos or an office document directly from the home screen. What’s worse, even the app search for the installed apps are complemented by web search suggestions. It takes an additional tap to limit the search to the local device.

AndroSearch for Android

Thankfully, there’s an app for that. AndroSearch is an amazing app which makes searching through your phone incredibly quick and easy. After you install and run the app for the first time, it will take some time to create an index of files you have on your device. It will search every nook and corner of your phone for files, contacts, apps along with their metadata, therefore this step may take some time.

Andro Search 3
Andro Search 4

Once indexing is completed, you can start searching for anything on your Android. On your initial searches itself, you will notice that the app searches not only for the file names, but also for the metadata. In the settings, you can enable Fuzzy search and forget about typos and spelling mistakes. With this enabled, a contact name Ashish could be looked up by the keyword Asish.

Andro Search 5
Andro Search 7

On the home screen, you get the list of recently modified files and recently installed apps. Just like the Quick Launch feature you have in Windows 10. Whenever you search with a keyword, it shows up matching contacts, apps and then the files you have saved on the micro SD card. If no match is found in the particular section, it’s dropped from the search results.

You also get the option of online searches on Google, Wikipedia, Dropbox and even Google Drive. Dropbox and Google Drive search is performed in the web browser and therefore isn’t that great. There’s an option to turn it off in the settings.

Andro Search 6

In additional settings, there’s an option to limit indexing of files only while charging to save battery. Also, there’s an option to exclude certain folder from indexing. (If you know what I mean)

When you tap on search results, you get various options other than just launching them.

Andro Search 10
Andro Search 11

Interesting Feature: The app also indexes file content from Office and PDF Files. So if you know a word or a phrase from a document, that too can be looked up using AndroSearch.

Ways You Can Initiate AndroSearch

When it comes to searching, it should be quick. That even includes the time it takes to access the app. AndroSearch gives 3 options to start searching quickly.

Andro Search 8
Andro Search 9
  1. It can be added to the notification drawer as a persistent notification. The option should be checked in the AndroSearch settings.
  2. The app has the option to replace the Google Now gesture with itself.
  3. If none of these work out for you, you can add a home screen widget.

My Thoughts

AndroSearch is an amazing tool and can help Android user on a regular basis. I just want the app to get a visual makeover. The app would look great in Material Design with gray theme. Just saying!

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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