Stop Emails From Being Tracked by Companies, Contacts

Just like the web, everyone is tracking the email they send you. You might know about it but adding a tracker to any email sent is incredibly easy. So easy in fact that most email campaigns enable it by default. It’s just a bit of metadata embedded in the email itself, that gives the sender information like when exactly the email was opened, how many times it was opened and sometimes even from where it was opened. While we expect this stuff from email campaigns (hey, trackers gonna track), but it’s a whole different thing when your colleague or a friend is doing it.

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And they probably are. With services like MailTrack and Mixmax making it so easy. We’ve told you before about MailTrack. All you need to do is install the Chrome extension, enable it and every email you send is instantly trackable by default.

While it’s fun from here, being on the other side of it might not be. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really want to give email campaigns or your colleagues the pleasure of tracking your email habits, we have a solution for you.


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Trackbuster is a service that basically removes the trackers from your email. And you don’t need to install an extension or anything. It’s just a service. This is how it works, you give Trackbuster access to your Gmail account, it blocks the trackers for each new mail and labels the email as “untracked” when they’ve blocked some kind of tracking. As this is a Gmail label, you can view all such emails from the sidebar.

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Start by going to their website and entering the email address where you want to block the tracking (currently only Gmail and Google Apps accounts are supported). You’ll need to authorize your email account. So click Continue on the next page.

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From here, select the Gmail account in question or log in to one, allow it the access to your gmail account to get started.

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Next, you’ll be brought back to the website. Click Let’s get started and the service will start by scanning the past 100 emails and will block the tracking. It will also do the same for any incoming email.

Tested, Works

I tested Trackbuster against both Mixmax and MailTrack and it successfully blocked the tracking attempts made by both services.

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Even after I had opened the mail couple of times from the email address I had received it in, the sender address had no clue about it. It just showed that no one had opened the email yet. It had no information about the location either.

Trackers Behold

Privacy: Trackbuster, of course, needs to go through your mail to disable the invisible trackers. But it says on their Security page that they do it anonymously and automatically. Meaning a server just goes through your email and deletes the tracker code, that’s it.

Happy Freedom

Now that email tracking is disabled, relax a little bit. Hey, your boss or colleague can no longer pressure you because they know you’ve read an email they sent you.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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