Import Tracks and Playlists from Spotify to Apple Music

Apple recently announced that it now had 11 million subscribers to Apple Music. That’s a lot of users! Especially because it’s barely been a month since release. Of course, it’s yet to be seen how many people stick it out after the 3-month free trial expires. Still, a lot of users are switching from competing streaming services like Spotify, Rdio and Google Play Music. I was a paying Rdio subscriber for a couple of months before I switched to Apple Music.

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And like everyone else, I had built up playlists there. While, I admit, Apple Music has amazing playlists built by their editors. But the playlists you created yourself are still unique to you. And you might want to take them over to Apple Music when you switch. But officially, Apple Music doesn’t allow for this.

We’ll need to use a workaround tool called Stamp to get this done.

What Is Stamp and How Does It Work?

Stamp is a desktop app available for both Windows and Mac.

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Watching how Stamp works is kind of amazing in itself. As I said above, it’s a workaround but of a hilarious kind. So what it does is imports playlists and songs from other services into the Stamp app. Then when you start the transfer, it tells you to basically stop using the PC and especially not touch the mouse. Just check out the GIF below.

Now the magic happens. The Apple Music app opens. The Stamp app now controls the Music app like a human would. It searches one song in Apple Music, finds the right match, adds it to My Music. The same with the next song. Once all songs are done, it creates a playlist, gives it the same name as before. Then adds all the songs to the playlist. It’s rocky, there are problems sometimes but you have to appreciate what these guys are trying to do here. There wasn’t an automatic route, so they hacked a manual one, using the computer to do the dirty business.

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How to Import Songs from Rdio Using Stamp

The process for Spotify and Google Play is actually simpler than Rdio. You just login, select the playlist from the app itself and start the transfer. So as an example, I’m going to use Rdio, which is slightly more complicated.

Once you launch the app, you’ll see sections for Spotify, Rdio, Google Music and CSV in the left pane. To import songs from Rdio, click the tab and click the button that asks you to use Rdio exporter.

Rdio 1

You’ll be taken to a web page. Here, type in your username, password to Rdio and log in. All your playlists will be here. Select the playlists you want and click Export.

Rdio 2

It will now show up in the Stamp app. Click Next and then Start transfer.

Rdio 4

Now the magic will begin.

Sit back, and watch it unravel.

How Do You Like Apple Music so Far?

I can’t get enough of Beats 1 shows like St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service and Elton John’s Rocket Hour. What’s your favorite thing about Apple Music? Share with us in our forums.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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