2 Apps to Quickly, Continuously Take Photos on Android

How many times has it happened to you that you have a perfect moment you wish to capture on your camera, but by the time you get to your camera app on the phone, it’s already very late? Happened to me a lot of times and it’s really frustrating.  Just because our phone was too lazy to respond, we tend to miss out on many of the Kodak moments in our lives.

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With the Lollipop update, Google has made it easier to take photos directly from the lock screen, but still you need to turn on the phone from sleep mode and slide the lock screen before the camera initializes. Yes! We are talking about fraction of seconds here, because that’s what it takes for the moment to pass.

The two apps I am going to talk about today will help you save those micro-seconds before you click the photo. The first app will take photos while the phone is locked, while the second one will cover you while it’s unlocked and you are working on the phone. Let’s have a look.

1. Snapshot for Android

Snapshot is an easy to use app which automatically activates your Android’s camera when you need it. After you configure the app, you just need to take your phone out, put it in landscape mode and press the power button. The app will do the magic in the background and open up your camera app. You will also get a small feedback which will let you know that the app has you covered.

Quick Camera 3

To get started, download the app from the Play Store and enable the services. You will be asked to choose your default camera, if you have multiple camera apps installed on the phone. All the other settings are taken care of by default. Now, simply test the app by locking your phone and pressing the power button in landscape mode.

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Quick Camera 4

One thing to note in the Snapshot settings is the option to keep the Status Bar Notification and Autostart active. This makes sure that the app’s services run in the background, even if you use some app killers or reboot your droid. You will always have Snapshot running at the backend. There are some pro features you can upgrade to, but are purely optional.

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Quick Camera 7

Now that was Snapshot covering you while your phone was locked. But what if it’s unlocked. Fishing for the camera app can take a lot of time, particularly when you are on launchers like TouchWiz.

Let’s have a look at Quick Camera app which can help you in such occasions.

2. Quick Camera

The Quick Camera app is a camera app in itself, but unlike other apps which open the preview screen (the viewfinder), this app shoots at whatever you point at and doesn’t even show you a preview of what’s being captured. You might be spectator at first, but it really saves a lot of time in initializing the camera.

Quick Camera 1

After you install the app, you will get two icons in the app drawer. One is for launching the app, but the Take Photo icon can be added to the home screen as a widget to quickly take a photo. In the app settings, choose the resolution of the photo you would like to take and also the camera you would like to associate the app with. Selfie buffs can choose front camera, but then there will be no preview.

Quick Camera 2

One thing that’s really amazing about the app is the option to add floating camera button. The icon stays on top of any app you are working and take cares of even the fraction of seconds you might waste on getting to the home screen. The app gives occasional ads but only when the app is opened and none of them will bother you while taking photos.

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So these were the two apps using which you can quickly launch the camera and take photo before the moment passes by. Which one are you gonna install? Join us in the forums if you wish to take the conversation further.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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