3 iPhone Apps for Improving Healthy Eating Habits

Last week I finished my first ever round of the Whole30 diet that everyone’s been talking about lately. It really is terrific and I’d recommend it to everyone: thirty days of only meats, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats in exchange for feeling awesome and losing some weight along the way.

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Despite a positive outcome, the biggest nuisance was cooking every meal from scratch. It’s a tad unrealistic if you have a busy schedule because it does take time. Now that I’ve taken my training wheels off, I’ve been continually balancing eating healthy with convenient meals.

A great way to stay on top of doing this is through apps. So today, take a look at some iPhone apps that aren’t just your typical calorie counters. They’re actually going to help you make better food choices and hopefully down the line improve your health.

Tip: If Android is your thing, check out some exceptional fitness apps in Google Play, too.

1. Share Meals and Accomplish Goals with TwoGrand

TwoGrand is a great app for tracking important food and health goals. No, it’s not a calorie counter, but it’s instead more of a social diary. You can add the foods you eat by just taking pictures, get new recipes from pictures shared from other TwoGrand users, and join in on goals and achievements with friends or even strangers.

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The photography part of the app functions a bit like an Instagram for food (which is a large chunk of Instagram already). You take a picture of your meal and add a brief description, then upload it and let friends and other members of the TwoGrand community comment. You can also browse through other submissions, but try not to look through this app while you’re hungry, it’s torture.

Tip: If you already ate your meal and want to log or just don’t feel like taking a photo, the app can create a colored thumbnail for you with a description of the food instead.

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You can also log exercise in the app or, my personal favorite part, set goals for the food and exercise you want to do. For instance, I set a goal to hit the gym every day for 30 days. TwoGrand can remind me every day to go to the gym and make sure I’m keeping it up. You can create your own goals, private or public, or join other goals with other people and work together on accomplishing them.

TwoGrand is a useful tool for staying motivated and keeping track of your eating habits to build better ones. It’s free for iPhone and iPad.

2. Let HealthyOut Conquer Your Fear of Restaurant Temptations

The most difficult part about eating healthy is eating healthy while you’re at a restaurant. There are so many tempting appetizers, entrees and desserts plus many of the ingredients are unknown to the customers. Luckily, apps like HealthyOut exist to help us weed out the bad menu options at local restaurants.

I’m a huge fan of HealthyOut because it actually works for all restaurants, whether they’re chains or locally owned. When you tap a restaurant nearby in the app, you can choose to view the full menu or elect to see just the healthy options on the menu. HealthyOut automatically gets rid of anything unhealthy and presents you with your best choices. No questions asked.

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Healthyout 2

However, if you’d prefer to answer some questions, you can filter your results by nutrition, cuisine, calories, ingredients and more. The app supports a variety of diets from gluten sensitive and lactose free to paleo and vegan.

HealthyOut is simple, helpful and free for iPhone.

3. Teach Yourself About What’s on Your Plate with Nutrition Quiz

There’s no better way to learn how to eat healthy than to learn about which foods should go on your plate in the first place. Nutrition Quiz aims to help teach you just that. The app features a variety of different categories of facts that are food and health related and it’s your job to decide if they’re true or myths. Plus, quizzes are fun, right?

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Select the category or multiple categories – everything from “Functional Food” to “Men & Women” – you’re interested in learning then press the giant Play button. For each fact, you’ll have to select Fact or Myth giving it your best guess. If you’re right, you earn points toward bonus content. Either way, the app presents a comprehensible explanation for the fact.

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Nutrition Quiz 4

If you want to unlock all eight categories, all 600 facts/myths and remove ads, you’ll have to upgrade to Nutrition Quiz Pro for $1.99. Otherwise, Nutrition Quiz is free for iPhone and iPad.

Healthy Yet?

Given that all three of these terrific apps are free and easy to use, it’s hard to deny yourself the opportunity on board with healthier eating habits. Plus, these remedy my personal sickness of calorie counting apps.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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