Angry Birds 2: What’s New in the Official Sequel

There have been more than a few expansions to the Angry Birds franchise ever since it first launched on the iPhone in 2009, but never an official sequel until now. Angry Birds 2 is out for iOS and Android and delivers smooth graphics and performance, but more importantly, all new gameplay.

Angry Birds 1
Angry Birds 2 has more advanced gameplay and graphics.

Angry Birds 2 features entirely new levels and new methods for defeating those round, green pigs. You’ll also have to strategize a bit differently in Angry Birds 2 if you want to efficiently get through levels.

Other than those changes, is there really anything majorly different in this sequel that sets it apart from other games? Is it even worth a download? Let’s walk through some of the notable differences between Angry Birds and Angry Birds 2.

Multi-Stage Levels

Angry Birds 7

Angry Birds 2 features multi-stage levels, which means that just because you destroy all of the pigs in view doesn’t mean you’re in the clear just yet. At the top of every level includes small indicators that look like linked bullet points. These show how many stages you have in the level you’re currently playing. Your objective as always is to defeat the pigs using as few birds as possible, but this is especially true in Angry Birds 2 because you’ll need to use your supply of birds across all of the stages in that level.

Tip: To help you out with your supply, check out the Destruct-O-Meter on the top right. The more points you earn, the closer you get to earning a new bird card. More on those in a bit.

Angry Birds 2

You should also notice that as you progress through stages and levels, every so often you’ll come across new boss pigs. Yes, Foreman Pig, Chef Pig and King Pig are all opponents you’ll have to face and they require a bit more power and effort to destroy.

Bird Cards

Bird cards in Angry Birds 2 allow a very important function: being able to choose which bird you use to aim and fire each round. This is opposed to the first Angry Birds title, which forced you to use birds in the order that they were arranged.

Angry Birds 6

It’s not necessarily easier to play this time around though as choosing your bird line-up each time requires more strategizing. If you use one type of bird before another, you risk less structural damage and less points. If you strategize well, you can fill the Destruct-O-Meter and earn yourself an extra bird card for use throughout that level.

Angry Birds 3

Do well and Angry Birds 2 will award you with spells, another new addition to the app. These are one-chance opportunities to significantly reduce the structure and quickly destroy pigs, even without birds at times. A couple examples are Golden Ducks, which rains down ducks on the entire stage, and Blizzards, which freeze everything for easy shattering.


Angry Birds 4

Angry Birds 2 is sociable. The app frequently recommends you connect to Facebook to compare your scores with friends, invite each other to challenges (sigh) and compete in tournaments. Much of the multiplayer action takes place in the Arena, which doesn’t unlock until you reach level 25.


Pricing is a little bit different this time around. Angry Birds launched on iOS for $0.99 and continues to remain that price. (It was always free on Android, however.) Angry Birds 2 takes the Android approach to iOS, free to download and play. Instead, the game relies on in-app purchases to make its money.

Angry Birds 5

That’s mostly through selling piles of gems. Gems help you to get through times of trouble or move quickly through areas of the came you don’t particularly feel like pouring effort into. Gems can give you more lives to continue playing where you left off or add more birds to your line-up. They’re optional to purchase and you can earn them as you progress in the game, but it’s much more frustrating and time-consuming that way. In-app purchases for piles of gems range from $0.99 to a staggering $49.99.

Wanna Play?

Now that you know the main differences between Angry Birds and Angry Birds 2, it’s on you to decide whether it’s worth a download. Since it’s free, it can’t hurt your wallet – unless you have a gem addiction. Grab it for iOS or Android.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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