12 Ant Man Wall­pa­pers for Every Kind of Device

Chaitanya Tapase

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite good at churning out movies based on Marvel Comics. Stan Lee’s imagination with all these wonderful characters is finally reaching out to a major wider audience, thanks to the movie adaptation of these comics. Ant Man was the latest movie in this line-up and today we’re gonna crawl the interwebs to find the best wallpapers featuring it.

Ant Man Poster

Since we want users of all types of devices to enjoy these, we will look at lowest to highest resolution wallpapers in both portrait and landscape mode. So let’s get to it. The post may contain minor spoilers about the movie, so tread carefully.

For Smartphone Users

This image is again a digitally created one and available on Deviant Art (which is a great source for some other types of wallpapers too, by the way). It’s mostly monochromatic, save the splashes of red which add a dash of intrigue to the overall image. You can interpret as the color of the ants that he’s representing, or fire, or blood. Doesn’t matter how you see it, it’s a great high-res image and a striking pose of Ant Man where he almost seems like he is aware of his own power.


Marvel’s Own Website Is Great!

Even though I love supporting independent artists and encouraging them is totally what we all should collectively do, there is no denying that Marvel owns all the rights of their own creations. Little surprise then that their own website has a great collection of images, any of which can be used as a wallpaper. You’ve got an entire range from medium to high res images here and also scenes from the movie itself.

Ant Man Marvel Poster Hank Pym Ant Man The Villain Thor Ant Man Transforming Ant Man With Ants

For Mac and Windows Users

These are high to very high res wallpapers that are perfect for all you Retina Mac and Ultra HD display owners. Since they’re all in landscape, they won’t be ideal for phones, but tablet owners can sure have a look.

Ant-Man-wallpaper Comical Ant Man Scott Lange Ant Man On An Ant Ant-Man-2015-Mask-Movie-Wallpaper

iPhone 6 Users: You will also want to check out our article where we cover wallpapers specific to your device.

And Your Favorites?

These were some of our favorite wallpapers of Ant Man. But, how about you? Would you like to share your favorite ones with us in the forums? Join in and let’s have some collab fun of our own.

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