5 New Addictive iOS Racing Games Off The Usual Track

I love racing games, in fact it’s my favorite genre of games be it computer or smartphone. However, whenever we talk about racing games for iPhone, or even Android, only a few names share the limelight. The top few recommendations are Asphalt 8, Real Racing, Need for Speed etc.

No doubt these games are great when it comes to racing, but if it has been months since you have got these recommendations, chances are you might have already been bored of these games and are looking for something new to try hands on.

Racing Games
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Therefore, today I am going to talk about 5 racing games for iOS that are great when it comes to gameplay, but don’t get the spotlight when compared to the top guns.

Driver Speedboat Paradise

Cars, bikes and asphalt. Racing doesn’t end there and Driver Speedboat Paradise proves to be a case in point. Driver Speedboat Paradise is a thrilling game from the house of Ubisoft that brings high-speed boat racing to your smartphone. Just like any other game, you start as a rookie and you have to make your way to the top by defeating everything that comes in the way. The only difference is that, instead of asphalt, you will be racing through streams.

Driver Speedboat Paradise 1

Things are pretty similar when it comes to gameplay. You need to win races to earn stars and money. The gameplay is based on energy system and each game you play, your energy depletes, depending on the race. You have in-app purchases to make the game easy, but playing without any helping hand at times becomes too difficult as purchases are really expensive in early stages when compared to what you earn in each race.

Driver Speedboat Paradise 2

You got 6 different racing style including my personal favorite, Drag. The graphics in this game they are amazing, you get water splashes on the camera after jump and stunts. The soundtrack could have been a little better. Controls can be customized depending upon user’s preference. So buckle up for some speedboat racing.

Driver Speedboat Paradise 3

F&F Legacy

Fan of the Fast and Furious franchise? Now you can ride with the team for mission and pride and become a family with F&F Legacy. In the game, you will have to create a crew and take care of it throughout the races. As the game is based upon all the Fast and Furious movies that were released, you got locations like Tokyo, Rio and Los Angeles from around the world. You also get to race in the cars that were part of the movies, however it can take some time to earn your way to the 1970 Dodge Charger.

Fast Furious

The gameplay is good, albeit it can get really tough at times when you have to escape from cops. You will have to take down classic villains from the movie. The soundtrack is awesome just like the movies. So all in all, a decent game to try.

Fast Furious 2

SBK15 (Bike Racing)

After speed-boats and amazing cars, we have bikes. For me, till date there is no bike game that can take the place of Road Rash. Those kicks and chain fights in Napa Valley are irreplaceable. SBK15 is however based on Superbike World Championship so you will be competing against the world on the race tracks.

Bike 2

You get bikes ranging from Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, Suzuki, BMW, etc. The graphics are brilliant and you got physics rendering engine working in the background giving a real effect. The controls however, can be difficult if you are coming from reckless games like Asphalt and NFS. The game is not for everyone, but do try it out.


MMX Racing

MMX Racing is a Monster Truck racing game, but does not give a drivers view, but rather a spectators view of racing. You will race on tracks where you can make spectacular jumps and amazing stunts. Pickup, muscle car, jeep or SUV and turn it into a monster eventually as you win races. Apart from the single player racing, you get drifting, truck crash racing and even multiplayer.

Mmx 1

Though the game has a kind of a  2D view, but still it has amazing graphics and physics. So try it out and rule the tracks.


Rocket Cars

Finally a racing game in the list which you can play even while you have a coffee or a groceries bag in the other hand. Rocket Cars remind me a lot of Revolt, a miniature remote-car racing game which I used to play in my childhood. You have easy single touch controls, but as easy it might sound, it can be difficult at times.

Rocket 2

You get 5 games modes and as many as 50 tracks where you get coins to collect. There are in-app purchases you can make to make gameplay easy. Well that’s all, I think I have written enough about these 5 games and you must be eager to try an play them now. So let’s  conclude the topic.


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So these were some of the new racing games you can try out if you are bored with the usual Asphalt and NFS series. Don’t worry about getting over these games, as we will be back with an updated list very soon. Stay in touch.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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