4 Great Android Apps to Get Household Chores Done

Chores. UGH! I remember when I was much younger and my mom tried to get me helping her with the household chores. I found the most innovative ways to escape them day after day. Nowadays I have a hard time remembering all of the chores I need to do, while spending most hours doing this. Working. Writing. Thinking of innovative articles for all of you. But, I grew up in the ‘90’s and things have changed quite a lot since.

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Fast forward a couple of decades and we now have apps for nearly everything. And if you want specialized apps that can keep track of your chores, then here’s the answer you were looking. All these Android apps are free and have different kinds of functionality.

You can choose the one which appeals to you most. So, let’s take a look at these.

1. Clean House

Clean House is the easiest to use and the app with the least amount of features. Even though it’s free, it has no ads, has a clean UI but isn’t the prettiest app. There are no preset chores that you can add, everything needs to be manually input by you. Chores can be set at intervals of days, weeks or monthly, but all of this is achieved by manual tapping. Plus, there is a notification for chores, but you can set only one notification for all your chores. Otherwise, you will need to keep checking the app.

Clean House Simple List
Clean House Notification

2. Chore Master

This app has more features and a list of preset chores that can be selected and added as per your needs. But the main highlight of Chore Master is the rewards structure it is built around. Every completed chore will give you more points and you do feel motivated to earn more (but cheating here is pretty easy). As you keep adding and completing chores, the app keeps a track and increases your levels, just like a game. So it’s fun to play with and you can even get your kids to use it.

Chore Master Profile
Chore Master Points

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3. Regularly

Regularly is a neatly designed app with a nice black background and text with good contrast to make the UI more appealing than most. It also has a great list of predefined chores that you can keep adding, or add your own chore. The best thing about this app is that you can set custom reminders for each of the chores, with the app reminding you on your next visit to the dentist or when it’s time to change the toothbrush.

It’s pretty easy to use, but does take a little more time to set up and keep updating on a daily basis. There are no reward points here, so kids might not feel tempted enough to give it a try.

Regulalry Chore List
Regulalry Notification

4. Cozi Family Organizer

This is the most feature-rich app on the list and one which the entire family can use. The premise of Cozi is that each member of the family knows the schedule of the other and the adults can decide which chore needs to be assigned to the kids and the kids are even notified via email (if you enter those while setting up).

Cozi App Layout
Cozi App Home

Initially it might take a little time to set it up just right but once you do, the rewards will be worth it. Imagine running a family of 4 (or more) running on their schedules, no one missing classes, everyone aware of each other’s time tables and no hassles due to this convenience?

For a premium of $29.99/year you can upgrade to the Gold features, which gets rid of ads, can give multiple reminders, notify entire family of each others appointments (if you so wish) and have birthday tracker as well as a theme chooser.

Cozi App Gold Notification
Cozi App Gold Features

Another good thing is that the assigned tasks can be viewed by every family member, so you can rest easy that your kids won’t come running to you complaining that more chores are assigned to them. Since it’s the same app for all, you can share common tasks, or assign specific tasks to specific members in the family.

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How Organized Are You?

We hope that these apps can help organize your lives a lot better. Some of these also have iOS counterparts, whereas some might not. Even though keeping track of chores is harder than it may seem, with the right app you can always stay on top. Which app did you like, or do you use one which we haven’t featured here? Do let us know in our discussion forums.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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