How to Get Desktop Like Download Features, Android

Android’s downloader is the most basic part of the OS. Yes, there’s an app where you can view the progress of the download and stop it. Yes, the notification shows the progress of the download but nothing much. The download features we take for granted on the desktop – the basic ability to see the download speed, pause/resume download, multiple downloads and large file downloads are just not possible using the default Downloads app on Android.

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Thankfully, a third party Android app is more than happy to take over the downloading duty while offering all the above features and more.

All things download: Did you know there’s a hassle free (ad-free) way of searching and downloading torrents right on your Android phone? Also, while we’re talking about torrenting, you really should ditch the bloated, malware infested uTorrent. But, since we’re talking about torrents, ensure you check the laws of your land before you start using them.

What You Get With Advanced Download Manager

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Advanced Download Manager, as the name suggests, does a lot of stuff. Here’s a list of some of the most important features.

  • Multiple downloads (more than 3) at the same time, plus a feature rich queue.
  • Tap to pause/resume downloads.
  • See download speed.
  • Rich notification with all the related info about the download.
  • Multi-threading! Oh yeah. Now we’re talking desktop class.
  • Video/audio downloader.
  • Lots of advanced features like switching themes, timers for starting downloads, support for 2 GB+ files and more.
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How To Download Using Advanced Download Manager

Thanks to the open nature of Android, ADM can easily replace the default Downloads app. The next time you click on a link for downloading a file, a popup asking Open With will show up.

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Here, select ADM Editor. Now a popup with options will greet you. You can change the download file name or change the download location. Start will start the download. Add will add the download to the queue.

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ADM is also integrated in the sharing menu so you can just share a page directly to ADM or paste in a link from the app.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to monitor the progress of the download from the app. The app will show the download speed, the progress bar, the time to complete the download along with the active time.

How To Use Pro Features (and Tips and Tricks)

By default, ADM doesn’t allow multiple downloads at the same time. So we’ll need to change some settings to get the most out of ADM.

Pull out the sidebar and go to the Downloading section. Here increase the number of downloads and threads. You can also turn on Smart download and Auto resume feature.

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Tap the Settings icon to get to the real stuff.

From Downloading you can change the default folder.

ADM has a sticky notification that doesn’t go away till you exit the app (from the sidebar). After the download is done, this is annoying to see. So from Notifications, uncheck Service icon option.

If you want to enable time based downloads, you can do that from Planning.

If you’re a heavy user, you might want to turn on Autostop service from the Automation menu.

From the Interface menu you can switch the theme as well as control the specific colors for menus and other parts of UI.

What Do You Usually Download On Android?

For me, it’s usually custom ROM files, wallpapers, apps and PDFs. What do you usually download on Android? Do you use it to download and consume media? Share with us in our forums section.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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