How to Get Started With Do Camera by IFTTT

We here at Guiding Tech are big fans of IFTTT. It took something complicated as web automation and made it so simple that anyone could understand. The secret was in the name. IF this, then THAT. If X happens, do Y. You defined the rules, and IFTTT took care of the rest.

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Now, IFTTT is spreading its wings and taking the IF part of the equation and putting YOU in charge of it. So now, Y will only happen when you do X. This has manifested as three awesome mobile apps for iOS and Android. Do Note for text based automation, Do Button that just acts as a buzzer for invoking recipes and Do Camera (available for both iOS and Android) – where you start by taking a picture and send it to any web service of your choice.

We’ve already talked about Do Note and Do Button in detail before, and today, it’s Do Camera’s turn.

What’s the Best Use for Do Camera?

The best way to use Do Camera is to quickly record something and to file it to a place that’s meaningful. An Evernote note or a Dropbox folder perhaps. Something you’ll get back to.

The most useful examples in my experience is snapping a picture of a receipt and sending it to an Evernote notebook or Dropbox folder. But you can do this for almost anything. Say you’re out shopping for furniture for your new house. Or just to email a picture to yourself.

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Other than collecting stuff, Do Camera is also useful when it comes to sharing photos. You can quickly share photos to Twitter or a dedicated Facebook album. Blogging networks like Tumblr and WordPress are also supported.

I think collecting and sharing photos, at lightening speed are the two best use cases for Do Camera. To check out the awesome, ready-made recipes, skip to the last section.

How Does Do Camera Work?

Much like IFTTT, you set up Do Camera by using “recipes” you’ll find in the app. You’ll need to sign in to relevant “channels” for respective services like Evernote, Dropbox and the likes. Once a recipe has been customized with the specific details, it will show up in the app.

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The Do Camera app, much like other Do apps is incredibly minimal. It opens directly to the camera view, with the current recipe flashing for a second. You can swipe left/right to view other recipes in the list. You are free to add unlimited recipes but to keep things simple, though ideally you should stick with around 6 recipes.

There’s also a handy widget for both iOS and Android to quickly launch to a particular recipe.

Do Camera Widget

How To Use Do Camera

After you launch the app, tap the Recipe icon in the bottom-right. Here you’ll see all the enabled recipes. Tap the + button to add more recipes. From here, browse around, check out channels or just search.

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When you find a recipe you like, tap Add. You are free to edit recipes by tapping the Edit button from the active recipes list.

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And, of course, as this is IFTTT after all, you are free to create your own recipes based on available channels and actions. But for beginners, using the available recipes and editing them is going to be sufficient.

The Best Do Camera Recipes to Get Started With

1. Scan Receipts to Evernote

Using the recipe you can quickly record all the important receipts. If you’re out on a work project, this can be really helpful.
IFTTT Recipe: Create a note connects do-camera to evernote

2. Save Images to Dropbox/Google Drive

This is a really simple recipe where any image you take will be added to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder. The default is Do Camera folder but you are free to edit it to make it something else. Also change the recipe name to something related to what you’re capturing.
IFTTT Recipe: Save pics in Dropbox connects do-camera to dropbox

3. Post Photos to Slack

Quickly capture and post a photo to a Slack channel.
IFTTT Recipe: Post to Slack connects do-camera to slack

4. Post Photos to Facebook, Twitter or Facebook Page

Upload photos to a Facebook album or share one as tweet. If you manage a Facebook page, there’s a recipe for you as well.
IFTTT Recipe: Post photos to your Facebook Page connects do-camera to facebook-pages

5. Capture Business Cards

Using this recipe, you’ll be able to capture a business card along with the details like where you were and when you got the card.
IFTTT Recipe: Record when and where I got this business card connects do-camera to google-calendar

6. Push a Photo with Pushbullet

If you want to quickly take a photo and have it show up on your computer instantly, use this recipe. It works with Pushbullet, another must-have utility for Android.
IFTTT Recipe: 'Scan' a picture to your computer connects do-camera to pushbullet

Pushbullet and Trello: I’ve already written about how to use Do Note to quickly send some text to Pushbullet as a notification on all your devices. Along with how to use use Do apps to quickly create new cards in Trello.

What Are You Going to Use It For?

What creative use did you come up with for Do Camera? Share with is in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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