Todoist vs Todoist Premium: Worth Paying to Upgrade?

Todoist is a simple to-do list app that helps boost your productivity dramatically. As a regular user, I can attest to its wondrous powers. It’s available for free (for Android, iOS and Windows) and comes with plenty of features, but does offer a premium version as well.

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Depending on how productive you need or want to be, you might consider upgrading to Todoist Premium over the free version. But what are the main differences between Todoist and Todoist Premium. Is the upgrade necessary and of course, is the subscription worth the price?

Todoist Premium’s Features and If They Matter

Let’s run through some of Todoist Premium’s features that separate it from the free version of Todoist. Since product upgrades are always about getting your bang for the buck, it’s important to analyze whether the additional features justify upgrading at all.

For starters, Todoist Premium allows you to add notes and attachments to the tasks you add to your to-do lists. This means you can write out the details of the task or add photos and spreadsheets to help paint a clearer picture. The feature is useful for those who take on large work projects, but unless that’s you, you can probably get away with just typing out regular tasks and making them just lengthy enough to include important details or hyperlinks.

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It also allows for alerts of all kinds. You can set up mobile and email reminders about events at specific times or get location-based alerts to complete tasks when you arrive or leave certain locations. Todoist free doesn’t offer reminder alerts, but there are free alternatives to this. Built-in calendar and reminder services on iOS and Android have alerts.

Todoist Premium has better organization for your tasks and this is a really great feature for keeping track of everything in your own way. For free, you can sort tasks into folders or view them by due date. Premium includes more advanced labeling with auto-completion and color coding.

Plus, you can filter between specific tasks by using the search bar for smart queries like project names, priority or who they’re assigned to. You can also export tasks to your calendar app of choice and view them as events.

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Lastly, Premium takes daily backups of your tasks that you can restore at any time should you need to. It also offers automatic sync across all of your devices without having to manually refresh. Depending on your reliance on Todoist, the automatic backups should come in handy.

Note: The paid upgrade also includes some other minor goodies like tracking your productivity score and project templates, but they seem pretty trivial.

Todoist Premium Comes with an Annual Fee

Now that you know everything you get with Todoist Premium and whether or not the features are necessarily crucial, it all comes down to the price. Todoist lets you create tasks, set due dates, organize them into labels, collaborate with others and sync across apps and devices for free. For everything else, you’ll need Todoist Premium for $29 per year.

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Everybody is different and you probably prioritize certain premium features over others – perhaps all of them are a priority or none of them are. Depending on your own needs, you might be ready to make the leap to Premium for the 30 bucks every year.

Is Todoist Premium Worth It?

The answer: probably not. Most people can get away with just utilizing the features Todoist already offers for free. Additionally, many of the premium features have free alternatives. Notes and attachments aren’t groundbreaking and you can store them elsewhere for free. Reminders and location alerts are also free in other apps.

The reason why the answer is a “probably” is because some of the premium features that are hard to find in other alternatives, might be truly valuable to you. If you want better organization of all your tasks with advanced filters and daily backups to avoid data loss, spring for Premium. That’s the best way to determine if it’s worth it.

For the majority, the free version of Todoist is sufficient. It’s available on the web, PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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