How to Regram Instagram Posts From Android and iPhone

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Twitter has the retweet button, Pinterest has Pin, Facebook has Share. Almost every social network makes it really easy to share someone else’s post with your followers. I mean, isn’t that the point of social networks? Of course, the cool kid in town – Instagram, disagrees. It won’t let you sign in to more than 1 account, doesn’t give access to social media tools, and won’t even let you share others posts.

Instagram Regram

But where there’s millions of users, there’s a way. And this comes in a way of an unofficial hack – regramming. It’s not a native feature, but it’s an understood term in the Instagram community.

Proper Regramming Etiquette

When you regram, you’re posting someone else’s content on your profile. Of course, it’s not stealing as long as you credit the post to the original poster, and make sure that their profile is public and not private.

Instagram Repost

You can credit the OP (Original Poster) by either watermarking their handle directly on the image or mentioning it in the caption, along with the original text. And the apps we’ll be talking about today will help you do all of that, without you having to lift so much as a finger.

Repost for Instagram (iPhone and Android)

Repost is the go to regramming app for both iPhone and Android. The app is free to start with and you use it alongside the Instagram app.

Open the app and start with logging in to Instagram. You’ll see your feed here. Tap and select a photo. You’ll see a big Repost button.

Instagram RegramInstagram Regram

This will bring up an editing view. With the Instagram handle for the original photo already embedded in the image. Below, you’ll get options to position the watermark or to switch to the dark theme.

Instagram Regram Screenshot_2015-07-04-01-44-24_result

You can choose to remove the watermark altogether by upgrading to the premium version of the app for $5.

Once you’re done with that, the iOS app will bring up the share sheet from where you’ll have to select the Open in Instagram option. In Android, the Instagram app will open automatically.

From here, you know the drill, edit the image if you want and get to the caption screen. In the text field, you’ll see the original caption embedded plus a nod to the original poster.

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Regrann for Android

Regrann is specific to Android as it uses the customizability of Android to its advantage. With Regrann, you don’t need to sign in with your account or pay for upgrades.

Instagram RegramInstagram Regram

This is how it works, simply install the app and make sure it’s running. Now, go to your Instagram app, tap the three dotted menu button from any photo and select Copy Share URL. This will automatically bring up the Regrann menu with options to save the image, share it to Facebook, Twitter and a big Instagram button. That’s the one you need to tap.

Instagram RegramInstagram Regram

Now, the image will show up back in the Instagram editor. In the caption, the app will embed the original poster’s handle and mention that this is a repost.

Unlike Repost, you can’t add the Instagram handle as a watermark on the image.

When you open the Regrann app, you’ll find an option to speed up this whole process. Once enabled, tapping the Copy Share URL button will bring you directly to the Instagram editing page instead of the Regrann selection screen.

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