The Best, Ad-Free Way to Down­load Tor­rents on Android

Khamosh Pathak

Downloading torrents, no matter from which platform, is no easy task. You need to download a special client, search for torrent files on often shady websites with popup ads and try to dodge malware while doing it all.

Torrent Android

But on Android, I found the mere process of searching for torrents almost impossible. Because ads. And these are no normal pop-up ads where you can just close the tab and be done with. No, these are way more sinister.

I found pop-ups that told me my phone needed to be cleaned/scanned. And they loaded over the current torrent website. That means I just lost the page I was in. Some just went ahead and automatically launched Google Play Store’s page for crummy apps like APUS Launcher. After the third attempt at trying to go back to the original search page, I gave up.

It was time to get an ad blocker for this thing.

Android Torrent
Left: Pop-up ads ruining torrenting experience. Right: Torrenting without any frustrating ads.

All things torrent: Torrenting is hard, you guys. But we’re here to help you out. Did you know it’s possible to torrent on a Chromebook? And that you can use websites to route torrents through? If you’re a Windows user, it might be time to learn about uTorrent alternatives.

Searching Torrent Sites Using Firefox and Adblock Plus

For blocking global ads on Android, you need root access, but blocking ads on websites is a much easier affair. All you need is a third party web browser like Firefox and an ad blocker plugin. I went with Adblock Plus but you can choose uBlock as well. If you prefer to have a dedicated ad block browser, check out AdBlock’s own browser that’s currently in beta (which is nothing more than Firefox with the plug-in enabled).

Step 1: To do this, first download Firefox.

Step 2: Launch the app and tap the three dotted menu.

Android Torrent

Step 3: Select Tools -> Add-ons -> Browse all Firefox Add-ons.

Android Torrent

Step 4: Now, search for Adblock Plus and install it.

Android Torrent

Note: Needless to say, anything you download using these apps may or may not be legal. At Guiding Tech we neither condemn nor condone piracy. So do check the laws of your land before you decide to use any torrent-based app, including the ones we’ve mentioned here.

Download Torrents Using Flud

I’ve previously compared torrent clients for Android and Flud came on top. Unlike apps like uTorrent, Flud is a really simple app with Material Design. It is feature rich and doesn’t have intrusive pop-up ads we’ve all come to hate.

Android Torrent

Download Flud and you should be all set.

Good Ol’ Torrenting

Now just go to any torrent site that you frequent, feel free to scroll around without the fear of popup ads. Go ahead, tap that search bar, type in and you know what you’ll get? An actual search result page. Not a popup ad for a scanning utility that’s probably carrying malware itself.

Welcome to the good life.

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