Quickly Copy Paste Text Between Apps in Android

The only inevitable action that’s certain to happen once you copy an item on your clipboard is to paste it. Thank God for Larry Tesler coming up with the idea of copy/paste or the entire digital world would have been different. From simple text to thousands of lines of codes, copy/paste function indeed makes our lives easier.

Copy Pasting On Android Apps Is Easy

When it comes to computers, copy/paste is just a matter of few keyboard shortcuts or a drag and drop using the mouse pointer. But things changed with smartphones and laptops. These touch screen devices can never give us the kind of freedom we had with a keyboard and mouse, of course, apart from the fact that they fit in our pockets.

The question we will answer today is, how can we make the copy/paste functionality easier on our Androids? We copy a snippet in one app, and then use different apps to open one of the recently used app or a completely new one. Finally we paste the text and a few long and short taps on screen is what it takes to dial a copied phone number. But from today things are going to be a bit different. Easy Copy is a simple app for Android that can eliminate the unnecessary steps we take on Android while copying and pasting text.

Using Easy Copy on Android

Once you install the Easy Copy app from the Play Store, activate it to start using it. Even before configuring any of the settings, you can start using the app. As soon as you copy a text on your Android, you will get a sliding notification as to what you would like to do with the copied text. Tapping on any of the action will open the app with the text pasted in the text field.

So for example, you choose to dial a copied number, the app will open up the dialer with the phone number copied to it and all you need to do is press the green dial button.

Easy Copy 5
Easy Copy 4

Apps can be added to the list of Easy Copy from the app’s Settings menu. There might be a limitation in the free version, but the developer hasn’t specified it at the time of writing this article. The apps which are added might not be fully compatible at the moment, but the developer is adding support for them on a regular basis.

Easy Copy 2
Easy Copy 1

There’s an option to blacklist some apps from Easy Copy. The app will not initialize itself in the blacklisted apps and you will be able to use Android’s traditional copy/paste functions.

Please Note: The app has ads but none which are annoying. It can be purchased for $1.49 for an ad-free version, via in-app purchases.

Easy Copy 3

How Useful is Easy Copy?

There can be numerous ways Easy Copy can be useful when compared to traditional copy function of Android. Suppose you see an address or a phone number on your browser and  you need to dial the number or search for the location on maps. Easy Copy can save your time in opening the app and pasting the text with a long press.

Easy Copy 6

Easy Copy also comes with built-in translation functionalities just in case you you need to look up for a foreign word someday.


That was pretty much everything about Easy Copy. I absolutely love the app and would recommend it to every Android user out there. So try it out and let us know your views about it. Moreover, if there’s a better app out there for the same task, do let us know.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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