4 Alternatives to Tasker, the Popular Yet Complex App

When compared to other smartphone operating systems, Android is all about control and freedom. The power of complete control over the device and the freedom to do it in various ways. Automation is one of the many reasons Android is loved by its users. You might have heard people talking about an app called Tasker, which can automate almost anything on your Android.

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Despite the fact that the app is way too powerful when it comes to creating automated tasks on Android, most users don’t actually use it. Even I quit just a few hours after I downloaded the app because of the complex interface. Other users just don’t want to pay the $2.99 for an app they never tried their hands on.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot automate tasks on Android and ease your life a bit. Check out these 4 easy-to-use, free Tasker alternatives you can install on your Android device today to get started with automation.


Condi marketed itself as Mini Tasker in the past, but due to some copyright issues, the name of the app was changed by the developers. The app interface is very simple and you can start adding tasks just by tapping the add button on the home page.

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All the triggers that can be used are displayed in the category list. Actions can be saved to these triggers to streamline your Android experience. You can also tap on the cloud button and import some of the trending automated tasks created by the users. One of them can be to start playing music when you plug the headphones in.

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Condi is indeed simple and lacks features like dual triggers, which are decisions based on multiple checks. For example, I want to turn on my Wi-Fi in a particular location only when my battery is more than 20%. The extra steps can be added later, but not right away during initial creation. But don’t worry, the next app we are going to discuss has it covered.


Automate is an ideal automation app for those who love flow diagrams and know how to work with flowcharts to get a logical task done. Also, if you don’t want to go through all this configuration, but need some ready-made automated scripts, Automate can take care of that too.

Automate 2
Automate 1

While creating a condition manually, you will get a white board to add different conditions and actions. You can add different blocks from the navigation pane and connect them to the diagram using flow lines.

Automate 4
Automate 3

Once you create a flow diagram and save it, tap the start button to start the task. If things look difficult, tap the community icon and download the tasks created by a large number of users. I am sure, you will definitely find a recipe you are looking for. After the recipe is downloaded, you can edit and see how it actually works through a flow diagram itself.

MacroDroid – Device Automation

We have covered MacroDroid in the past, which still remains one of the top contenders to Tasker. Automated tasks are called macros in the app and you need to select the trigger to launch the action that’s configured in the macro.

Macrodroid 2

Cool things about the app are that you can set constraints on a task like battery level or external power source to make sure a task is not executed if conditions are not favorable.

Macrodroid 3
Macrodroid 1

Another interesting feature is the ability to store the outcome of a task to a local variable as a Boolean (true/false) value and then use the output as a trigger or condition for a second automated task. Absolutely amazing feature if you use it, and it’s not found in any of the other alternative apps.

AutomateIt – Smart Automation

Last but not least, we have AutomateIt. AutomateIt is just like Automate, but gives a simple interface where a user can select triggers and tasks one after another.

Automateit 3
Automateit 1

Creating an automated task cannot get simpler with this app. You also get a large online community from where the tasks can be downloaded and used on your device hassle free.


These were some of the best automation apps available for Android that can be used as free alternatives to Tasker. Let us know which one you choose.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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