IORAD is a Cool Web Based Screen Recorder to Cre­ate Step by Step Tutorials

Yadon Chen

iorad logo Explaining someone, who’s not computer savvy, how a software or a feature in the computer works isn’t easy. It’s best if you actually walk them through the steps on your own computer using a screen recorder or screencast tool. That makes your task easier.

We have talked about certain screen recording tools like Problem Steps Recorder and ShowMeWhatsWrong, which help in quickly troubleshooting a problem. However, those may not be the best tools to use when you intend to record instructions.

IORAD is a new web based screen recorder that has been created specifically for this purpose. It helps users create interactive instructions without the need to download any software (it requires Java and Flash though, so you need to make sure they are installed. )

Let’s see how this tool works.

Use “SIGNUP” button on IORAD’s website to register a new account. Then you will see a “Start” button in the midst of screen. Click on it to create a new project.

IORAD screen recorder

Now, once you are in the “Develop” tab, click “Capture” button on the left corner, and then on the specific the window that needs to be recorded.

screen capture in IORAD

Click on “Start Capture” button to begin. Like it’s in Problem Steps Recorder, IORAD will not record the text that you have typed.

IORAD is recording your screen

After recording, you can add your comments or explanations using the toolbar at the right side.

Add comments or explanations to your work

At last, switch to “Deploy” tab and you can publish the tutorial to the web, or download it as a printable user guide like Word or PDF format.

Publish your work

Overall, IORAD is a useful tool for recording screen, adding instructions and if you are looking to create customized product manuals, you could get them easily through the PDF/Word download feature.

Check out IORAD to record screen, step by step instructions and computer tutorials from your browser.

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