4 Powerful 3G/4G Monitoring Apps for Android

A few days back while I was reviewing Data Plan, a new data monitoring app for Android, it struck me that there must be many other 3G and 4G data monitoring apps for Android and finding out the pros and cons of each before picking one would be a fun exercise.

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So I researched and tried out some apps, and came up with these four 3G/4G/Wi-Fi monitoring apps you can use on your Android to save on monthly bills. There are various apps that you can choose from, but the 4 mentioned are by far the best I have tested.

Let’s get started and have a look at them.

3G Watchdog

3G Watchdog is one of the oldest apps I know that monitors the 3G data usage on an Android phone. I myself have used it for the last couple of years. The interface might look barbaric, but when it comes to functionality, it’s one of the most accurate data monitors. On the app home page, you can see two bars giving you the estimated mount of data used along with the days remaining for the current subscription.

Mobile Internet Use
Real Time 3 G Watchdog

The table shows you an estimate of a day, week, and the entire month, and the data is recorded not only for the mobile data but also for Wi-Fi. One of the interesting features of the app is its real-time data monitoring. This feature gives you the details of the app that are consuming the data in the background.


  • The app is lightweight and doesn’t strain your processor and memory much
  • You get the option to see the real-time data consumption by the apps installed on the device
  • You can set warning limits and auto data cutoff once you reach a threshold


  • The app is ad-supported and you need to purchase the pro version to get rid of them
  • The user interface has not been updated in the last 4 years

My Data Manager

My Data Manager is yet another acclaimed app that monitors the data plan on Android. Coming from 3G Watchdog, I am sure you will love the interface offered by the app. Just like any other app, you can set your monthly limit and track the usage. Along with it, you get the detailed analysis of the amount of data used by the app. The data usage is recorded separately for both – 3G and Wi-Fi.

My Data Plan 3
My Data Plan 2

One interesting feature of the app is the option to record shared data plan usage. Suppose your telecom provides a data plan which is shared by others in your family – you can track all of it in the same app, making it easy to control the monthly bill.

My Data Plan 1
My Data Plan 4


  • The app provides great user experience with its fluid user interface
  • If you have a shared data plan, this app is ideal for you


  • Nothing much to complain about here

Onavo Count

Onavo Count is the one app that covers it all when it comes to Android 3G and Wi-Fi data monitoring. The app has amazing user interface and everything looks polished. Talking about the features, in the overview tab, you can see a pie chart that tells you about the amount of data you have used and the days left for the current cycle to finish. In the details page, you can see the breakdown of how each app installed on your phone uses data.

Ontavo Data Monitor 3
Ontavo Data Monitor 2

The interesting thing about the app is the option to set home screen widgets. There are three widgets available that you can choose from. The first one tells you about the data left for the month, the next one gives you the real-time data usage, and finally, one displays the data each app has used in the current cycle. The app analyzes and gives you the report on how you use your data when it comes to music, maps, and videos.

Ontavo Data Monitor 1


  • Widget support makes it easy to monitor data usage
  • The app has an amazing user interface
  • Users can see how they spend their monthly data


  • The data monitoring might not be accurate at times
  • App is not suitable for low-end devices that are running on just 1 GB of RAM

Data Status

I just reviewed Data Status a few days ago, and this app is the very reason I thought to compare all of them. The app is handy in recording the data usage and keeping tabs on only your mobile network data. There’s no provision to monitor the Wi-Fi usage, unlike any of the apps mentioned above. The best feature I like about the app is the small pie-chart that it gives in the notification shade.

Data Status Graph 2
Data Status Graph 1

The app gives you detailed analysis of your usage. It tells you how you use the data, when you use it, and what the frequency is. Actually, you should read my full review of the app to get a better idea.


  • The app gives detailed analysis of the data usage and one can see graphs of the data usage patterns
  • App is simple to set up and gives you every detail with just a few swipes


  • The pink-purple persistent color is a big turn off
  • No option to monitor Wi-Fi usage


I started out with the mindset to compare 5 apps, but then I realized these four are enough to cover anyone’s data monitoring and restriction needs. So pick up one for yourself or your family, and let us know how the app works for you.

Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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