6 Ways to Create Trello Cards Super Quick

Trello is one of the best, free project management systems. And it scales pretty well. You can use it to organize your personal life, your wedding reception, run your entire team (like we do here at Guiding Tech) and more. But if you use Trello a lot, you know that getting information into Trello can be a chore. Trello doesn’t have a desktop app so most of us just use it in Chrome.

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But Trello’s iOS and Android apps are pretty good. Today we’ll talk about the fastest ways to create a Trello card when you suddenly have a new idea or when you need to send a web page you’re currently browsing as a card in Trello. Read on to find out more.

1. Setting Up Email Settings for All Important Boards

Each Trello board has a unique email address. It’s a complicated string of text, but you should take note of email addresses for all your important or most used Trello boards. They’re useful for things other than just manually emailing cards to boards. They’ll be the backbone for automation tools like IFTTT and more, which we’ll cover below.

Navigate to the board in question, click the Menu button in the top-right corner and select Email-to-board Settings. In the popup, you’ll see the email address and default column where a new card should go, and the place. This setting will depend on you and the board, but pay attention here.

Trello Email Result

Once you’ve setup the email address, add it to your address book with details for the particular board. Now, when you get an email that you want to turn into a task, just forward it to the Trello email address and you’re done.

2. Sending a Web Page Directly to a Trello Board

Trello has a handy bookmarklet that you can use in any browser where you’re already logged in to Trello. Just visit this link, drag the Send to Trello link to your bookmarks bar.

Trello Bookmarks Result

Now, when you’re on a web page that you’d like to send to a Trello board, just click on the bookmarklet and a popup listing all your boards will show up. Once you’ve selected a board, you’ll be presented with all the lists in that board. The next time you try this, the last list will show up as default, but you’re free to select another list.

3. iOS and Android Widgets

If you have Trello app installed on your iPhone or Android device, check out the widgets for quickly creating a card. In Android you can select from 3 widgets, two of them for quickly creating a card and one for viewing all the cards assigned to you.

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In iOS, the Notification Center widget gives you shortcuts to create a new card from clipboard or by taking a new picture. You also get access to three most recent boards as shortcuts.

4. IFTTT Recipes

If you generated the email for your most used Trello boards, this is where they’re going to come in handy. IFTTT has many recipes for sending stuff to Trello and most of them depend on that email address.

You can do cool things like send a web page to Trello when you star an article in Feedly or when you favorite a tweet in Twitter. You can also automatically send any list item added to a specific list in iOS reminders app directly to Trello. All Trello related IFTTT recipes are available here.

5. Do Note by IFTTT

Do Note by IFTTT takes the power of web automation and puts a part of it right in your hands. Instead of triggering an action when something else happens, with Do Note, you’re the one triggering it.

Screenshot 2015 06 04 11 46 46 Trello Do Note Result

Get the Do Note iOS or Android app, set up the Create Trello Card recipe by providing the appropriate email address to the board and you’re set. Now all you have to do is open the Do Note app, swipe over to this particular recipe (one of 3) type and hit the big send button.
IFTTT Recipe: Create Trello card connects do-note to gmail

6. Trello’s iOS Extension and Android Share Integration

If you’re using iOS 8 and have the Trello app, you can quickly send a web page from any compatible browser or app directly to Trello. You’ll get options to select the board and the list as well.

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On Android, there’s a native share sheet integration as well. Just select Share -> Trello and the web page link with the title added will open in the Trello app. From here, you can select the board and the list and tap the checkmark button to get back to browsing.

How Do You Use Trello?

What all do you use Trello for? Share some of your hot tips with us in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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