Ready Contact List: Cool Alternative to Android Stock Dialer

Phone dialers, messaging, contacts, and picture galleries are some of the apps that we bother least about. We’re least bothered in the sense that we tend to stick to the default apps and never think to try something different. Take the phone dialer as an example; the app that comes preinstalled in the stock versions of Android is pretty basic. But there are many alternatives available on the Play Store that are better than the default apps.

Ready Dialer For Android

Today I am going to talk about Ready Contact List, an all-new dialer I came across a few days back while browsing through the store. Apart from the fact that the app completely follows material design, there are many distinct features I like about it. So let me talk about Ready Contact List and show you some of the cool features that might lure you to change over from your current contact and dialer app.

Getting Started with Ready

After you install the app, it will ask you to grant notification access to allow missed call support and call backs. Once you grant the access, you can continue to sign in using your usual Google account. The very first screen that you will see after the initial setup is the Speed Dial page. Here, you will see a thumbnail view of all the contacts you call quite frequently, along with the ones you’ve marked as favorites.

Ready Contact List 2
Ready Contact List 3

Tapping on the contact will open the details page and you have a direct button to call and message the contact. Compared to the Lollipop dialer, this is a great feature, as a single tap just shoots the call to the contact.

Added Features

The three-dotted menu beneath the thumbnail of a contact gives additional options like opening call history, sending email, and organizing an event. If you are a Viber or WhatsApp user, you can directly send messages using these services. You can search for contacts using the search button at the top, but the group contact button at the top right corner is a great way to look up contacts in the filmstrip view.

Ready Contact List 6
Ready Contact List 8

Each time you are done with a call, Ready will give you a popup of the person’s contact, just like the chat-heads we have in Facebook Messenger. After the call, these chat-heads will be visible for 30 seconds. Tapping on them gives you the option to call, message, email, or add a calendar event. So suppose you were talking to a friend about meeting on the weekend for dinner, you can directly create the entry in your calendar from these floating contacts.

Ready Contact List 5

The dialer button at the center pulls up the dialer. The dialer is pretty simple in the basic version. The T9 support to search for a contact directly is available in the pro version along with the option to download custom ringtones for the app. Different features are available to be unlocked at different prices.

But one good thing is, each paid feature can be unlocked by sharing the app. To be awarded with a point, the other person needs to download the app from your specific referral URL, or enter the referral code.

Ready Contact List 11


So that was Ready Contact List, an innovative and promising dialer for Android. The app has been updated continuously since its first release and has come a long way with all the interesting features we see in it now. Do try out the app even if you are comfortable with your current dialer and share your thoughts.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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