How to Download Software Without the Adware

Whenever I write a software review for Windows, I always mention whether the installer is clean and if a direct download option is not available on a website. Well, that’s because the windows downloads are in a very despairing state these days. They install the software you wish for, but also give you a handful of adware and bloatware you never wanted. It’s like going to a restaurant and getting extra food with your order, only to find that the extra food is stale.

Downlaoding Files
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While some people are able to spot them, most users just click Next after Next and never bother to read between the lines, and the next thing you know, you have a new add-on in your browser and your default search engine is now a custom adware page. And the worst part is removing these things from the system. It takes a deep registry cleaning to get rid of such spam software.

The best practice, of course, is to stay away from adware – AntiAdware is a new best friend for your browsers that will keep you safe on almost all the websites you download from. The script removes forced download accelerators and adware from the supported websites.

Installing AntiAdware Script

Firefox users can install the script over Greasemonkey (here’s a primer on how to use Greasemonkey). Restart the browser for the changes to take effect. Chrome users can directly import the plugin to the extension page to install the plugin, but that will not work forever. Chrome seems to disable scripts installed from unknown sources and moreover, no updates will be received if it’s installed directly.

Chrome Tampermonkey

Hence, Chrome users must install an extension called the Tampermonkey and import the script directly. This will make sure that you get the new updates of the script when more websites are added to the supported list.

Opera and Safari users can install Violent monkey and Ninjakit, their in-house Greasemonkey alternatives, and install the script. Don’t forget to restart your browser.

How it Works

The script works flawlessly on the mentioned websites and downloads the files directly to the computer rather than downloading an installer file which will download the files and install them for you. It even hides adware that stashes itself with your download.

Check some of the screenshots of before and after pics of sites like FileZilla and Adobe (shown below) while downloading files.



So that was how you can use the AntiAdware script to always get clean downloads on your computer. I recall my GT colleague Khamosh mentioning it’s something you should install on every relative’s computer – and I couldn’t agree more. This will make sure that whatever your parents or friends download, the chances of them ending up with adware and bloatware on the computer will be minimum. Don’t forget to enable the extension on your browser today and see for yourself.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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