Web2PDF Converter Firefox Add-on Converts Webpages to PDF in One Click [Reader Tip]

We published an article sometime ago that showcased 4 web based tools to convert webpages to PDF. Roger, one of our readers, mentioned the Web2PDF Firefox add-on in his comment. The add-on helps you directly convert webpages to PDF files and store or share them online.

Here’s the options window which pops up after you install this add-on.

web2pdf general options

You can also choose the level of quality you need in the PDF file generated through PDF options.

web2pdf PDF options

There’s a small icon on the toolbar that needs to be clicked when you need the PDF version of a webpage. When clicked, it opens a new tab where it automatically starts the conversion process.

web2pdf addon

web2pdf conversion

Finally, we get a page that says PDF file successfully created. From here, the PDF version of the page could be downloaded, viewed in Google Docs or stored/shared online. Nice and simple.

Check out the Web2PDF add-on for Firefox. (Thanks Roger! )

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