Read Twitter or Facebook Stream like Newspaper

If you get all your “news” via social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook; even if it isn’t really news (like #JustinBieber or anything with those letters), why not get all of it in one source and in a newspaper like form? That’d be cool, isn’t it? is a new service that lets you read your Twitter/Facebook stream in a newspaper format. You’ll find information from tweets neatly arranged in different sections, complete with pictures and videos, just like you read in a newspaper.


The tool even gives you your own url extension that makes it feel more personable.

So, to show you the wonderful world of this easy to use tool, I decided to use my own Twitter account to see how well it understood me.

To get started, we first need to click on the yellow button on the top that says “Create your own Daily Paper.”

Next step is to use an account that you’ve been using for sometime. As you can see you can use Twitter or Facebook to aggregate your newspaper data.


In the next step, we will need to get authentication through Twitter authentication service.


Clicking Allow gives your permission to gather data from your personal stream, your followers and all.

Signedin Using My Twitter Thumb

There is my Twitter enabled account. However we don’t have the newspaper yet. So next to the “signed in as mike dopp’ we need to click on the “create a newspaper” button.

Of course, we want to create a newspaper but what data or information do we want to use in this newspaper?

Typesof Newspapers Thumb

You have a few choices:

  • Twitter user + those being followed
  • Twitter #tag
  • Twitter @list

I chose to pull all the Twitter user data and those being followed using my twitter username “mikedopp”.

Once you have decided what data you want pulled, the data has to be processed by the tool.

Processing Newspaper Thumb

After a few minutes, you have your first “Daily Twitter/Facebook Newspaper.”

Mike Dopp Daily Thumb

I really like how puts this formatting together. It makes it easy to read and even includes ads that create the true newspaper feel.

Check out to read your Twitter or Facebook stream in a newspaper format.

Last updated on 23 February, 2022

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