3 Android Multiplayer Games You Can Play on Same Device

There are many online multiplayer games available for Android. You can just hook up your phone to the internet and play a plethora of games with millions of online players. Two of my personal favorites are QuizUp and Brain Wars. These games are fun to play when you are alone, but what if you have a friend in the same room with you? Two separate Android phones used to pass some time doesn’t sound fun to me, especially because both of you will be glued to the respective screen rather than spending time together.

Its Fun To Play With Friends In Same Room
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So today I am going to talk about three Android games you can play on the same device with your friends. And now that we have devices coming out with gigantic screens, playing these games on the same device will be a lot more fun.

Let’s check out three of my favorites.

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2 Player Reactor

2 Player Reactor has been there on the Play Store since the time it was known as the App Market. The game is simple, clean and is a reflex-based game for two people to play on the same device. The game will give you simple mini puzzles and you just need to touch the section of your screen when you think you are right. There are around 18 mini games that pop up on a random basis each time you start a new game. Games range from simple math addition to shape and color matching to capitals of different countries.

2 Player Reactor 1
2 Player Reactor 5

The game has two modes you can select from. While the Quick Game mode gives you random challenges. In Custom Mode, you can select the challenge you are comfortable with and also change the number of points one has to score before moving on to another round.

2 Player Reactor 4
2 Player Reactor 2

Each time you are correct you get a point added, while wrong answers subtract a point. You just need to concentrate and hit the button faster than your opponent to score the point. The game can be played on any device without any lag and you’ll be shocked to see how fun the game can be.

Chain Reaction

The second game in my list is the Chain Reaction and not just 2, but up to 8 players can play it on the same device. I would recommend playing it on a tablet if you have more than 4 players. The game is like the Othello game where you need to defeat the opponent by filling the grid with your color dots. But the way it’s different from Othello is that in Chain Reaction, the orbs react and become unstable to fill other boxes around it.

Chain Reaction 1
Chain Reaction 2

The cells at the edge have a critical mass of 2 orbs, the ones where the edges meet have a critical mass of 2 orbs as well, and every other cell has a critical mass of 3 orbs. If you are not sure what I am blabbering about, pick up your phone and check out the game for yourself. I can bet that you will be an addict and will soon be searching for someone to play it with.

The game also features HD mode with more grids for tablets. The game is free without any ads, making it distraction-free too.

Flicky Circles

The last one in the list is Flicky Circles, best known for its simple gameplay and minimal design. The game is inspired by OLO, yet another game on the Play Store, but this alternative is free to download and play. The game has an arcade mode where you can play alone, but the 2 player mode is the most loved feature.

Flicky Circles 2
Flicky Circles 1

The aim of the game is simple. Each player starts with 6 circles and you need to slide them to the opponent area inside the color box. The size of these circles will increase and decrease and therefore the momentum will depend upon the force you applied. Remember the Newton’s second law of F=M*A? That’s the basics of the game.


Those were the three free games you can install and play with your friends on the same Android device. But certainly they’re not the only three and there are plenty of games out there that support single device 2-player mode. So if you would like to add to the list, please chime in over at the comments section.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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