Soluto Analyzes Windows Startup to Give You a Faster Computer

Soluto1 Many readers would have noticed that over time, Windows installs tend to get slower to startup, leading to wasted time and irritation to the user. To remedy this, there is a new software available. Soluto positions itself as the “anti-frustration software” to speed up the time Windows takes to boot up.

The goal of this nifty application is to measure your Windows startup time as well as the time taken to launch individual applications and then, using its innovative PC Genome database to decide which applications can be removed from your startup sequence, which ones can be paused to start later and of course, which ones cannot be modified (for example, your antivirus program).

This software, currently is free for home use as a beta install. The initial download is tiny, but the installer downloads system and OS-specific packages on running clocking to around 7 MB. Once you install it, you are then prompted to either reboot immediately or later when you want.

Once you restart, your computer appears to boot normally even after logging in, till the lower left corner of your wallpaper “folds” up to give you a running progress chart on every program that is loading.

Soluto04Jpg 300X171

Then the software tells you the overall time it took for Windows to start and shows you exactly which program took how much time to launch. This is presented in three categories: Safe to remove, Potentially Removable and Unsafe.


Hovering over or clicking any item in any of the bars gives you full details about the program, why it is okay to remove, delay or pause (or not take any action) it and best of all, what percentage of users followed the recommended action.


Soluto03Changing any option shows a new boot time to the user and how many applications are now running while booting.  There is also an undo feature that lets you change your mind at any time.

Soluto06 300X193And lastly, there is the history feature that allows you to see how much your boot time has changed over time and important milestones (such as new programs installed) that explains the reasons why your startup time has changed.

So if you want to speed up your PC performance, Soluto will give you a variety of options to get it done.

Download Soluto to analyze slow Windows startup and speed up the computer.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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