Combine Multiple Bookmarklets, Reduce Browser Toolbar Clutter

Bookmarklets are extremely useful in the sense they can do an awful lot of stuff that regular browser extensions do, with the added advantage of being compatible across all browsers. So, if you suddenly feel like switching browsers, all you’ve to do is transfer your bookmarklets and you’re good to go.

With bookmarklets, you can do neat stuff like download YouTube videos, copy paste data between computers, convert webpages to PDF files, and lots more – all these without bloating your browser in any manner.


However, bookmarklets share the same problem as regular bookmarks – they can grow into a wild, unsorted bunch very quickly. Sure you can put them in a ‘bookmarklets’ folder, but if you’ve got anything over 10, finding the right one for any particular webpage will make you pull your hair apart.

This is where is web app Bookmarklet Combiner comes in handy. As you probably guessed from the name, it lets you combine multiple bookmarklets into a single super-bookmarklet.

Bookmarklet Combiner has a simple, intuitive interface that you shouldn’t have any problems with. In the first section, enter the names and corresponding URLs of the bookmarklets you want to add (you can add as many as you like – just keep hitting that “Add another” button).

Screenshot4 Thumb

You can get the URL of any bookmarklet by right clicking on it and selecting “Copy” (works for all browsers).

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Once you’re done adding bookmarklets, and sorting them in your preferred order, move to the next section. Here’s the interesting bit – you can configure the super-bookmarklet so that it will either run all combined bookmarklets when clicked, or will just display a menu of the included bookmarklets anywhere you want on the screen.

Finally, give it a name and drag the super-bookmarklet to your bookmark bar.

If you want to share this bookmarklet with your friends, click the Save button at the bottom and you’ll be given a URL for the same.

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So How Does It Help?

  • It reduces clutter. No, it demolishes clutter. A super-bookmarklet is just like any other bookmarklet, but can have the functionality of fifty different bookmarklets. Your browser toolbar would be cleaner than ever.
  • The ability to run all combined bookmarklets together can be really helpful in certain situations. Say you stumble across a really interesting webpage, and you want to share it with your Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon friends. You could either use three different bookmarklets to share the page across the three networks, or you could simply create a combined bookmarklet and click it once to get the job done.

Bookmarklet Combiner is indeed a very useful web app for seriously organizing and streamlining your bookmarklet collection. Go check it out! And while you’re at it, make sure you keep your super-bookmarklets synced, so you can use them from any of your computers and always have a backup somewhere.

Check out Bookmarklet Combiner for combining bookmarklets into one and cleaning up your browser toolbar.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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