TitanPad: Online Document Editing, Real-time Collaboration

TitanPad is a nice, real time, online document editing and collaboration tool that helps you quickly collaborate on text documents with your team.

You can import text file, HTML, Word, or RTF file formats. Also, you can download the document as HTML, Plain text, bookmark file, Microsoft Word and in more formats.


To use this tool , no user registration is required. Just click on the “Create public pad button” to get started. It will redirect you to a public pad where you can type anything in the given field.

You can import any text file, HTML, Word or RTF file and share the pad by clicking on “Share this pad” button with your friends or colleague.


When he opens the link on his browser, he’ll get the same public pad which you are editing. The changes made by one appear instantly on the other’s screen. Also you can chat with each other in real time while editing the document.

Each of the collaborators gets a unique color so that he can easily determine who contributed what in the document. There is a time slider too, which replays all the changes from starting. If you feel that you made a mistake in the document then you could undo it anytime. There is an infinite undo option available.

And finally, you could create a private pad on a titanpad sub-domain, and use it on a regular basis. All for free.

Check out Titanpad for real time document editing and collaboration online.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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