Top 8 Third Party Apps for Facebook Messenger

For most of us, Facebook Messenger is not the go-to messaging app. It’s either WhatsApp or WeChat or iMessage. But Messenger still has a place on our phone. We still need to use it to communicate with people that we only know through Facebook. Granted, that might not be your most immediate friend circle. But some version of that, yes.

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Facebook has taken a leaf from the playbook of apps like Line and WeChat before. The introduction of stickers comes to mind. Now, Facebook is doing it again, basically converting Messenger into a platform that developers can create apps for. I’ve written about the platform, what it is, my views on it and its potential in a previous article.

Today, I want to focus on the best third party apps for Messenger.

Messenger Apps 101

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Third party apps for Messenger are just that. Full-fledged apps available on the iOS App Store and Play Store that plug into the original app.

Right now, the apps available are heavily based on making your conversations more fun and interesting. As we’re talking about Messenger here, that’s hardly a surprise.

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But I hope this is just the start and it later makes way for bigger, more feature-rich apps that can securely access Facebook Messenger’s data and let us do more with it.

Now, let’s get to the apps.

1. GIPHY for Messenger

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In the name of all that is viral on the internet, let’s start with GIFs. We love sending GIFs to one another. I’ve already talked about various apps that help you out. But GIPHY for Messenger (iPhone, Android) makes this dead simple. Just launch the app, search for GIFs, find one, tap the Send button, select the name of the contact/group, and the GIF is sent.

2. Memes

After GIFs, memes are probably the best way to troll your friends. Using Memes (Android app), you can create awesome memes on the fly. Pick the background, type the text, and send it off.

3. Ditty

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Ditty (iPhone, Android) is probably the most innovative app to come out of the Facebook Messenger Platform. You type some text, up to 70 characters and the app will generate a 30 second video with a robotic voice singing the text you wrote, backed with a popular tune. The app gives you some tunes to try. You can buy more at $0.99 a piece.

4. Camoji

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Camoji (iPhone) is a great app for creating gifs. Using Camoji for Messenger, you can do all that, and find a quick way to share it with Messenger friends and groups.

5. FlipLip

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FlipLip (iPhone) is an app that changes your voice. Why wouldn’t you use that?

5. UltraText

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UltraText (iPhone, Android) lets you send text in GIF form. Because who likes plain old text that’s not even moving?

6. Foter

Foter (iPhone, Android) is a photo filter and collage app rolled into one.

7. Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX is another really fun app. Insert action sequences in your photos. Blow stuff up in the background. Pretending to look cool has never been easier.

8. Selfied

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Selfied 2

You haven’t reached peak selfie till you’ve turned your selfies into stickers that you can then quickly send to your friends. You’re basically automating the selfie process. You’ve got a selfie workflow. You’re a pro selfie user. You’re going places.

Download Selfied for iPhone.

Are You Going To Use These Apps?

A full list of all 40 launch partner Facebook Messenger apps is available here, but I’m sure this is just the start. Soon we’ll see even more tailor-made apps for Facebook Messenger.

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What do you think about these fun new apps? Are you going to use them regularly? Share with us in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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