Install TN-X on Hacked PS Vita for Perfect PS1 Emulation

In past entries, we explained how to hack your PS Vita in order to run TN-V, a PSP emulated firmware that allows to play your PSP game backups, install emulators for other consoles, and more. This time, we’ll show you how to install and run a PS1 emulator that provides perfect emulation of most PS1 titles.

Ps Vita Tn X Ps1 Emulator Header1

Important Note: To use the PS1 emulator on your PS Vita, you need game backups in the form of EBOOT files (which you can search for in Google). Be warned though, these and any other emulators out there exist for game owners to be able to play backups of games they own and not to foster piracy, which is illegal.

If you have a hacked PS Vita, you might be wondering why this emulator is needed in the first place, since the PSP emulator provided in TN-V also lets you run PS1 games.

Well, the reason is quite simple. This PSP emulator is based on the original PSP software, and as such, carries the same limitations as that software did when it comes to PS1 games. As a result, the native PSP emulator doesn’t support several games, and many of the ones that it does support, it does not support fully. Some PS1 games lack proper sound or have no audio at all, you can’t take screenshots of your PS1 games, along with other issues.

That is where TN-X comes into play.

What is TN-X

This 3rd party PS1 emulator provides perfect emulation of games of the original Playstation, including perfect sound, the ability to take screenshots of your PS1 games, as well as supporting several games that are not available via the Playstation Network Store (PSN).

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What was your favorite PS1 game? Photo Credits: Deviantart

Let’s take a look at how you can install TN-X on your hacked PS Vita.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A hacked PS Vita able to run TN-V, that’s on OFW (official firmware) 3.18 or lower
  • qCMA – an app for transferring data between your computer and your PS Vita without requiring an internet connection (available for both Mac and Windows)
  • A PS1 ‘exploitable’ game. There are three of these: Sports Superbike 2, Tekken 2, and XS Moto. For this tutorial we will use XS Moto. You need to have bought this PS1 game on your account and have it installed on your hacked PS Vita
  • TN-X exploit save files: Download link
  • Backups of your PS1 games

If you fulfill all the requirements above, then head to your computer to get started.

On Your Computer

Important Note: While this tutorial was created on a Mac, the instructions still apply if you have a Windows PC.

Step 1: Make sure you download all the files mentioned above. If you have a hacked PS Vita, then you must already have qCMA. So the only file you should download is TN-X.

Tn X Download

Step 2: Let’s start by unzipping the exploit file to access its contents, which should be as shown below: a readme file, a TNV special exploit and the save files for the three PS1 games that can run this emulator.

Tn X Zip File
Tn X Files

Since I have the XS Moto game, I will be using the save files for that game (shown below).

Xs Moto Tn X Save Files

Step 3: As with previous hacks, in order to install the TN-X PS1 emulator your PS Vita, you will need to ‘seed’ the XS Moto (or other game you are using) save data file into the game. This is the file you just downloaded.

So on your computer, head to where all the save files for your PS1 games are located. It should look something like the screens shown below. Open that folder and leave it open.

Computer Vita Save Files

Now in the folder where the TN-X exploit is, look for your PS1 game folder and open it to find its save file. In this example, the save file for XS Moto is the one named ‘SLUS01506’. Click on that file and copy it to the folder you have opened just before, where all the save files are.

After you do that, head back one level on the TN-X folder you downloaded and also copy the TNV folder there to where you copied the previous one.

In the end, the folder with all the save files on your computer should contain these two new folders, as shown below.

Vita Save Folders Added

Now you have to access your PS Vita via the qCMA app, so head to your PS Vita to transfer the files.

On Your PS Vita

Step 4: Before starting the qCMA app, plug your PS Vita to your computer using its USB cable and then start the app.

Q Cma App Open

Step 5: Then, on your PS Vita open Content Manager, select Copy Content and then choose PC > PS Vita System.

Ps Vita Content Manager
Ps Vita Copy Pc To Ps Vita

Next, select Applications and on the next screen, under Saved Data select PlayStation.

Ps Vita Content Manager Applications
Ps Vita Content Manager Play Station

If you did things right, then you should now see a save file for XS Moto there. Select it and then Copy it to your device.

Ps Vita Content Manager Ps Save Files
Ps Vita Content Manager Copy To Ps Vita

Likewise, head back one level and now under Saved Data select PSP/Other.

Ps Vita Content Manager Save Data Psp

There you will see a new save file named ‘TN-V Launcher’. Select that file and Copy it to your device as well.

Ps Vita Content Manager Tn V Launcher

How to Use the PS1 Emulator

Important Note: Before using the TN-X PS1 emulator, you will need to have games for it on your PS Vita. To transfer your PS1 game backups to your Vita, follow this guide and use FTP to do so. Just make sure you transfer your PS1 eBook files to the PSP/GAME/ folder in your Vita.

Step 6: Now that you are done copying the files, exit the Content Manager on your Vita and start your game (XS Moto in this example).

Ps Vita Xs Moto

Once it starts, head to Options, select Load Game and then choose either Single or 2 Player Race.

Xs Moto Options
Xs Moto Load Game

To trigger the exploit on the other two games:

  • Tekken 2: Start the game in Survival mode and lose the match.
  • Sports Superbike 2: Load the save file via Options and then start a 2 player race.

Once the exploit triggers, you will be running the PS1 emulator on your PS Vita.

Ps Vita Tn X Ps1 Emulator Main

And thanks to all the improvements it boasts, you will now enjoy features like screenshots, perfect audio, and more.

Ps Vita Tn X Ps1 Emulator Screenshot
Ps Vita Tn X Ps1 Emulator Screenshot Taken


Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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