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Sure, Firefox is no longer the hottie in the browser space. On desktop, Chrome still rules. On Android, Chrome is the default for many phones. But ol’ Firefox still has some fire in it. Especially if you’re a pro user who wants to enhance your browsing experience using add-ons or extensions.

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I like to tell people that Chrome extensions is where the action is. But Chrome for Android doesn’t support extensions at all. Google seems to be taking the classic “there’s an app for that” approach.

But this is where they’re wrong. I think the web browsing experience, especially for the geeks among us can be significantly improved with the help of add-ons.

And yes, there are other browsers like Dolphin that support add-ons. But let me tell you, they’re no Firefox.

If you’re already using Firefox for Android, or you think Chrome is a bit too crippling and want to switch to something more powerful, install the add-ons below.

Add-ons 101

To get to the add-ons section tap the three dotted menu -> Tools -> Add-ons.

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At the bottom you’ll also see a link to the Add-ons Marketplace. From here you can search for add-ons and download them. Add-ons will be updated automatically along with the Firefox app.

1. Adblock Pro

We’ll start with every geek’s favorite extension. Using this add-on, you can block pretty much every ad on a page (and while you’re at it, consider adding to the whitelist). I can hear the sound of switching default browsers across the globe already. If you want to do this OS-wide and you’re rooted, check out our guide here.

If you’re not comfortable with Adblock Pro, check out the open source alternative uBlock instead.

2. Black background and white text

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I’m sure you browse the web before going to bed. Use this extension to make it easier on your eyes. This will give web pages a black background and white text.

3. Ghostery

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Screenshot 2015 03 27 02 28 02 Result Shrink

If you’re privacy conscious, download Ghostery. It will tell you about all the scripts that are tracking you on the page. The extension will also block malicious scripts and basically prevent trackers from gathering your personal data.

4. LastPass

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We’re fan of LastPass here at Guiding Tech. We picked it as the best password manager. You can now use LastPass directly in Firefox (you’ll still need LastPass Premium though).

5. Open Native App

Using this extension, when you visit links for Google Play or YouTube, they’ll open directly in the native app.

6. Tap Translate

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This add-on lets you translate text from websites between different languages, without leaving the browser.

7. Lock

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Instead of being careful about what you browse and remembering to clear the history and the passwords, just use the Lock add-on. It password protects Firefox.

8. Three Finger Swipe

This is a really cool add-on that adds 3 finger gestures. Swipe three fingers up for a new tab. Three fingers left/right is for the previous/next tab. If you own a phablet and you prefer two-handed web browsing, this add-on can help you a lot.

Your Favorite Add-ons

What’s your favorite extension or add-on for your favorite browser? Share with us in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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