Top 4 AR Racing Games to Keep Yourself Entertained

Over the past 10 years, the prevalence of mobile gaming on phones has surged. Before this, mobile gaming would have meant having a standalone handheld gaming system like Nintendo’s famous Gameboy lineup.

Ar Racing Games

These days, this is not the case. With constantly increasing smartphone power, mobile gaming on phones has increased in quality to the point where sales from mobile phone games is forecast to make up 51 percent of worldwide gaming revenue.

Phones these days are even powerful enough to support augmented reality (AR). AR has thus made an entry into mobile games. Possibly the most famous example of this is Pokémon Go where players roam the real physical world in an attempt to catch virtual Pokémon.

Racing games have always been a popular gaming category and this is no different for mobile games. The infusion of racing games with AR is beginning to happen too. This brings more excitement to the spectacle of mobile racing games. We will be looking at 3 of these games which blend racing and AR. They are a surefire way to keep you actively engaged.

CSR Racing 2

Csr Racing Main

CSR Racing 2 displays beautiful cars which capture the attention of players. This is a drag racing game which is relatively simple to play but the beauty of viewing the cars in the garage is one of the most captivating aspects of the game.

The developers painstakingly put a lot of detail into the car designs in order to make the cars appear as realistic as possible.

Cars can also be ‘projected’ into the real world using phones running Android 7.0 and iOS. This is an awesome feature for the car buffs out there since it allows them to project their favorite game cars into the real world, thus creating a thrill since it simulates owning a high performance vehicle.

In most cases, people are only able to attain such vehicles in games. CSR’s AR mode bridges this gap which tends to give a sense of satisfaction.

AR Racing

Ar Racing Track

AR Racing is a great example of how much fun a simple game can be. Some games out there have the best graphics and cinematics but the gameplay still leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

With AR Racing, you simply need to download the app and print the track then you can start racing. Racing is easy and just requires manipulation of the on-screen directional controls.

Ar Racing On Track

Lap times are recorded which adds to the fun factor of the game since users then have times to try to beat.

AR Racer

Ar Racer Main 1
AR Racer Cars | Asylabs

AR Racer takes a different AR approach to the previous games mentioned. It integrates a real car into the mobile game environment. A section of the screen is assigned for the placement of a toy car and steering is done by maneuvering the phone.

Ar Racer Gameplay
AR Racer | Amazon

The car lights up and flashes in response to the on-screen action, helping to keep the player engaged.

Hot Wheels Augmoto

Hot Wheels Augmoto Main
Hot Wheels Augmoto Track | Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Augmoto combines a classic Hot Wheels racing track with AR. The setup consists of the Hot Wheels track, electric racing cars and the app component.

Essentially the app component adds effects such as virtual missile attacks. The app is provided when the race track set is bought.

Some of the Hot Wheels Augmoto action can be seen in the video below.

Are AR Racing Games Really Worth it?

By integrating the real and virtual world, AR racing games add an element of excitement that is typically not seen in conventional video games. Somehow it makes you feel more involved with the video game.

For example, with AR racing, you print out the race track, hold your phone over it and then you can start to race. The game is simple but the experience is awesome. You find yourself trying to race as fast as possible around the track and it almost feels like if you’re driving a remote-controlled car.

CSR Racing 2 takes a different approach which is mainly focused on showing off your virtual cars in the real world. This is cool because the cars are realistic due to the meticulous work of the game developers. Your friends might just be fooled when they see your virtual rides displayed in the real world.

Zynga Csr2 Ar Mode
CSR Racing 2 | Venturebeat

AR Racer took the unique approach of using a light-up toy car which integrates with the phone app. This makes maneuvering the game tracks exciting. Finally Hot Wheels used their classic track setup but integrated AR effects and gameplay with their app which is a brilliant take on their part.

Overall, these implementations of AR into racing games makes for more engaged players and adds to the excitement of the gameplay. This increased engagement is something that non-AR games simply can’t offer. For this reason, I would definitely recommend checking out these AR racing games and more.

Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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