How to Play Any Video on a Pop-Up Frame on Android

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Multitasking as a habit may not lead to a productive life, but with such powerful devices that reside in our pockets, it would be a complete waste to ignore the habit while working on our smartphones. One example is when we are working on text and audio files. Although we can use multi-windows to read articles while working on other apps, the audio keeps playing in the background, permitting us to explore other material at the same time.

But things change when it comes to video. When you are watching a video on your droid, the device makes it compulsory for the user to stay on the web page or keep the app open while the video is being played. Sure, if it’s a short video, it doesn’t make any significant difference. But what if you are watching a long talk that you don’t need to be staring at the entire time. It’s a waste, right? So let’s feed that multi-tasking fixation.

Awesome Pop-Up Video Player for Android

In situations like those, you can use a cool player called Awesome Pop-Up Video. The app plays video in a pop-up window on top of other applications, just like when you’re on the computer. The added integration with the Xposed Module extends the player capability to apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and videos that you play on your browser.

Soon after you install the Awesome Pop-Up Video player, the Xposed module will detect the app and you will have to enable the module and restart the app. If you have a direct URL to any video, you can paste it directly in the app and the video will start in a pop-up window.

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The app will automatically detect any video you play on your apps and give you a toast notification asking if you’d like to play it using the pop-up screen. The pop-up window will not work for applications that have implemented custom video players like VLC, MX Player, etc.

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Awesome Popup Video Player 2

Note: If you wish to play YouTube videos, an additional Xposed module must be installed from the Xposed repository.

In the app settings, you can choose to enable or disable an app from being detected by Awesome Pop-Up Video player. Additionally, if you are sure about any app you wish to play in the pop-up screen by default, enable the option for that particular app. An option to auto-loop the video is also available.

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Awesome Popup Video Player 1

The free version of the player can play 5 mins of each video. The limit can be removed by opting for the pro version for just $1.99. But for XDA readers, the developer has arranged for a free app without any limits. Still, you can donate to the developer as a gesture of appreciation. Downloading video is also available through the app, but YouTube videos are blacklisted.


So that was pretty much everything about the Awesome Pop-Up Video player. The name of the app is certainly justified. It plays any video you throw at it and makes multi-tasking an awesome experience.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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