OCROn­line: Extract Text From Scanned Doc­u­ments and Images

Himanshu Yadav

If you want to extract text from image then OCROnline is probably the best tool for the purpose. It’s an advanced web app (works on optical character recognition technology) that can extract the text from scanned paper documents and digital photographs.

This free-for-use tool detects more than 153 languages automatically. It also recognizes fonts of the text.

Go to OCRonline. Select the language of text and the output format. Click on Browse button to browse the image file containing text. Now click the “Upload” button. Your file will get uploaded on the server (It will remain on server for 24 hours after conversion).

Note: Maximum file size upload limit is 10MB and it supports PNG and JPG formats.

ocronline extract text from image

After uploading, your file will be processed. Few seconds later, you’ll get a link to download the text. Right click on the link and select “Save link as…”.

extract text from image

Given below are the two screenshots representing an image file having text and the extracted text from the image. Text file is opened in a notepad.

image with text

Now here’s the extracted text from the above image file.

extracted text from image

That’s how you can extract text from image and convert it to text format. You can change the output format to MS Word, PDF or rich text format (.rtf). Conversion of image into PDF is another nice feature of this tool.

Check out OCRonline to extract text from image and scanned documents.

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