Create a Rdio or Spotify Playlist from Shazam on iPhone

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“Music is all around us, all you have to do is listen.”

I remember that line from the movie August Rush. I’ve been more aware of the sounds playing around me ever since (natural and otherwise). August turned out to be a talented musician. I can’t pull off the higher notes from Lost Stars (one day I will, Levine, one day). As the nerd that I am, being aware of the music for me is only half the battle. I need to identify it, remember it, and catalog it so that I can come back to it.

This is why I love Shazam (just remember to turn off notifications in iOS, they’ve gotten really click-baity recently). Doesn’t matter what kind of music I point it towards, Shazam identifies it all. It can be purely instrumental music playing in an Italian cafe, or a Bollywood song on the top of a busy street in Delhi. Weirdly enough, none of it’s a problem for Shazam. Shazam introduced me to Angus & Julia Stone after all.

Angus And Julia Stone2014 1C
Angus & Julia Stone. Image via Noisey.

Stream on: Can’t access Spotify or Rdio in your region? Use a VPN to get in. You can also just use Spotify in Chrome and control the music using global shortcuts, without the need to install the desktop app.

It’s also amazing how many of these songs Rdio carries. Rdio was recently launched in India, and for about $2 a month I get unlimited ad-free streaming and offline downloads for 32 million songs.

Shazam + Rdio

All these “tagged” songs would usually just sit idly in Shazam. But now, you can connect to a Rdio or Spotify account and have access to a playlist of all your Shazam’d songs.

This is great because now, I’ll have instant access to all my scanned songs on all my devices.

You’ll need a Premium account: Shazam can connect to Rdio and Spotify. While Spotify lets you create playlists for free, in Rdio that’s a premium feature. Because I don’t live in the US, I wasn’t able to connect to Spotify. From what I know, the Spotify connection also requires a premium account. Oh, and you can only use one service at a time, not both.

Img 2524 Result

How to Connect Rdio or Spotify with Shazam

In this example I’m going to connect Shazam with my Rdio account.

Open the Shazam app and go to My Shazam.

Img 2519 Result
Img 2521 Result

You’ll see the Gear icon on the top toolbar. Tap it and you’ll see an option called Connect to Rdio.

Tap that option and you’ll see a promo banner image. Tap Play Full Tracks, sign in with your Rdio account (not a free account; you’ll need one with Rdio Unlimited) and Shazam will tell you that the playlist is created.

Img 2522 Result
Img 2523 Result

Even after I downloaded the Spotify app from the US App Store and signed in with my free account, it wouldn’t show up as an option in Shazam. Maybe because I only had the free plan or because Spotify isn’t officially supported in my country. But if Spotify is officially supported in your country, you should see the option.

Img 2525 Result
Img 2527 Result

Now all you need to do is open the Rdio app, go to Playlists and tap My Shazam Tracks. Voila, all the songs you scanned with Shazam that are available on Rdio will show up.

While I didn’t get to test this on Spotify, I reckon the process and the result will be similar. Sign in with your upgraded account, wait for authentication, and then enjoy the playlist.

Share Some of Your Shazams

What’s the best song you’ve ever Shazam’d? Share with us in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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