Flogs: Easily Add Public Events To Your Personal Calendar

Flogs is a seriously useful digital calendar service using which you can add public events and occasions to your own personal calendars such as iCal, Blackberry, iPhone, Lotus notes, Google Calendar, Outlook and many more.

Using this service is easy. First you have to sign up with them. After signing in, go to calendars tab to check the available calendars. There are plenty of public calendars available. There are several categories given on the left. Click on the appropriate category to see the calendars related to it.


Adding a Public Calendar Using Flogs

Click on “Add to calendar” to add it to your the calendar service you use. A dialog box will appear, asking you to select the digital calendar service of your choice. Since I use Google calendar, I checked the box next to it and clicked on “Next” button.


It will redirect to your Google calendar account. Click on the button “Yes, add this calendar”.


The public event schedule (FIFA world cup in the above example) will be added to your personal calendar. You can see it in blue color in the screenshot shown below.

Note: For what it’s worth, there is another inbuilt option to add FIFA world cup schedule in Google calendar.


After successfully adding the event, click the close button on the pop up that appears to complete the process.


Features of Flogs

There are a total of 185 calendars available. All the calendars are divided into useful categories. For example, if you want to know about latest game release dates then go to “Entertainment” section and there you’ll find subcategories under the games section. Click on “Details” button to see all the dates.

It also has a section for Birthdays where you can find and add birthdays of celebrities. Cool, isn’t it?

Go to events tab and here you can watch events according to your country. On the left, click on the drop down and select your country’s name and then, click on the “Filter” button. It will filter all the future events of that country and display it on the screen.


Apart from all the above mentioned features, Flogs also lets you create your own public or private calendar and invite people via email. You can also import it to your default calendar service.

Check out Flogs to add popular public events’ schedule to your default calendar.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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