3 Features of MIUI 6 Often Mistaken as Bugs

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My last few weeks with Mi4 MIUI 6 were full of surprises. The ROM is feature packed to the brim and if you have recently switched from a stock Android to MIUI, I am sure you are in for a lot of amazing stuff.

While I know about most of the features of MIUI 6, there were some that were hidden and I had to look under the hood to get things straight. At first I thought that these might be software glitches, but I was wrong. After a bit of a research, I was happy to figure out that they were actually some of the amazing features you don’t get on Stock Android.

Here are some of the useful features of MIUI 6 I mistakenly thought were bugs.

1. One Handed Operation

If you have been using MIUI 6 for a while now, you must have come across a situation where the screen of the device shrinks to one of the corners, mostly while taking out the phone from your pocket. In my initial days with MIUI 6, I got this reduced screen size a bit too often and had to restart my phone to bring things back to normal.

One Handed Oparation 1
One Handed Oparation 2

The particular feature is called small-screen mode and is similar to one-handed operation provided by Samsung, which helps to tame the big screen beast with just a single hand. To activate the one-handed-operation, tap the capacitive home button and swipe your finger to either settings or back button depending upon the side you wish to squeeze the screen to. Repeat the same gesture, one more time when you wish to bring things back to what they were.

Cool Tip: See how you can get the one handed operation feature on any rooted android device using Xposed Module

2. No Floating Windows and Chat Heads

MIUI 6 focuses on security, but it takes things to a whole different level. According to MIUI, showing floating windows, popup notifications and chat heads on Facebook might be a privacy issue and are not activated by default. That’s the reason you won’t be able to use apps that rely on floating windows and chat heads out of the box.

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To use the feature, you will have to activate it separately for each of the apps. Open the App Settings and tap on Manager Permission. Here, enable the option Popup Notification. If you think about it, the feature can actually prove to be useful when you want to use an app, but don’t want the popup windows notification that comes gift wrapped with it.

3. Auto Mirror of Selfie Camera

The third feature that I believed might be a bug in the beginning was the auto-mirroring of the front camera. If you are a selfie buff on an MIUI 6, you won’t fail to notice that some of the selfies and groupies you take come out reversed.

Mirror Selfies 2
Mirror Selfies 1

The feature auto mirrors your front camera based on the capture. By default the setting is on auto, but you can turn it off from the camera settings. Switch to front camera, press the menu button and you will find an option called Mirror front camera.

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Miui 6 11


These were some of the features of MIUI 6 that I took for bugs in my initial days of usage. MIUI has many such hidden features that are pretty easy to miss. I think it goes without saying that if you know about any of these hidden gems, please do share it with us in the comments.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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