How To Easily Sync A Folder Outside My Dropbox Using Dropbox Folder Sync

Himanshu Yadav

Sometime back, we discussed Dropbox, an ultimate tool for backing up files and keeping data in sync. After installing this application on your PC, you get “My Dropbox” folder in which you can put any files or folders, and it will get backed up and synchronized automatically.

Suppose you want to backup different folders at different locations on your PC using Dropbox. One solution is to copy and paste each of them inside “My Dropbox” folder. But moving each folder one by one is a time consuming process.

dropbox folder sync

Dropbox Folder Sync is a Dropbox addon that lets you sync any folder with Dropbox easily in a few clicks. And you don’t need to change the location of that folder.

Download the small app from the Dropbox wiki site. Install it on your computer. On first run, it will ask you for the location of My Dropbox folder. Click on “Change setting” button to add your Dropbox folder.

dropbox sync

Click on “Sync a Folder” button to select the folder you want to sync.

dropbox folder sync

Also you can right click on any folder and select “Sync with Dropbox”. By this process, the add-on will move the folder to My Dropbox folder. You can always access the original folder from its previous location because this addon creates a symbolic link to it.

Obviously, it won’t work without Dropbox, so install the file sync software before using this addon. It is free to download and available only for Windows users at the moment.

Download Dropbox Folder Sync to add any folder to Dropbox easily.

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