Best AirDroid, Pushbullet Alternatives For Just Link Sharing

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Sharing web links between my computer and Android is something I do on a regular basis. Makes it easy to continue reading whatever I was reading on the web while commuting to the office. Then later, when I’m at my desk, I transfer the link back to my office computer. The bigger screen is good for the eyes and the reclining chair makes things a bit more comfy.

You might know about two great apps called Pushbullet and AirDroid that can instantly pair a smartphone and computer to share the links. But that’s just one of the features of these apps. They can be used for transferring files, images, and videos. They also sync your Android notifications to the PC and AirDroid can mirror your phone, and even help you view your computer remotely.

Well, all that’s way too much for anyone who just wants to share links between the devices. If not configured properly, the desktop notifications from these apps can drive you crazy every now and then. You don’t need the overload of features if you are only trying to get this one simple task done. Instead, you need these two simple apps.


CaastMe is a straightforward service that transfers links from any app to your browser instantly. The best thing about the app is that there’s no need to create an account and everything is done anonymously. Simply install the app to your Android device and whenever you wish to share a link, tap on the share option and choose CaastMe. Next, open up the CaastMe homepage on the browser and scan the on screen QR code for the app to open the shared web link.


You can use CaastMe to share via any of the apps as long as it’s a browser link. The device will not show the sharing option on unsupported items like images and videos.

Browser Extensions

Depending upon the browser you use, you can install an extension and send links easily from your browser to the device. Chrome to Mobile is an extension for Chrome that sends links to any of your connected devices easily. Sending links with a click of a button is so much better than looking for them in the synced tab.

Chrome To Phone

Though this extension states that it will be discontinued soon, the news has been there for quite some time now and I don’t foresee the developers taking it off in the immediate future, probably because of the popularity among the users.

One nice thing about the app is that it also wraps up the offline data and pushes it to the device. These links then directly open up on the default browser. The extension also integrates to the context menu and you can directly send any link without even opening the page.

Firefox users can use a similar extension called Fox to Phone. It works similarly.


So these were the two apps and extensions you can use to simply share links between Android and desktop browsers without installing feature-heavy software like AirDroid or Pushbullet. Both of them might be excellent when it comes to Android management, but as long as it’s just the links you want to share, the above two tricks makes things quick and easy.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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