How to Squeeze the Data Plan on Your iPhone to the Max

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No matter which way you look at it, with every new smartphone you get, your data consumption seems to be heading exclusively in one direction: Up. This is no surprise since every day more and more of the apps we use rely on internet-based services in order to provide faster and more accurate information about the world around us.

This comes at a price of course, and if you want to keep your data costs down, then you have to be careful and take the necessary measures to reduce your data consumption as much as possible.

Read along to learn a few ways in which to conserve data on your iPhone.

Manage How You Watch Videos

Easily the biggest culprit of taking up entire chunks of your data is streaming video on your iPhone. Be it when catching your favorite drama series on apps like YouTube, when watching a hilarious short video on Vine, or perhaps those auto-playing videos on Facebook.

Facebook Autoplay Videos
You Tube On I Phone

While there is no magic trick to make videos consume less data, you can learn to manage what you watch to drastically reduce your data usage. For example, simply bookmark sites with interesting videos to watch them later, when connected to Wi-Fi. Or you could download the videos you are interested in while on Wi-Fi at home (with a download manager for example) and then transfer them to your iPhone to watch later.

Cool Tip: Turn off those auto-playing videos and ads on Facebook to save you some data.

Manage Apps That Use Cellular Data

If you take a look at your iPhone’s settings, you would be surprised to know just how many apps actually use cellular data. Thankfully, you can manage this manually by tapping on the Cellular option within your iPhone’s settings. There, simply disable the cellular data usage for those apps that you don’t use often or leave data enabled only for apps that you strictly need.

I Phone Cellular Data
I Phone Apps Using Cellular Data

Game Locally

One of the main uses of the iPhone for many people is gaming. In fact, here at Guiding Tech we run articles on iOS gaming quite often, either reviewing a great game or recommending a list of interesting ones. There are several games that require a data connection though, either to download new levels or to play constantly online with friends or other players from around the world.

I Phone Online Game
I Phone Game Requesting Data

You can use the tip above to disable data usage for those games, or simply play them when on a Wi-Fi connection and play locally (without requiring a connection) when not at home.

Offline Maps

In a past entry, we detailed how to get Google Maps to work offline by downloading a section of the map before you leave your Wi-Fi connection.

Saved Map

This advice can come very handy if you use maps heavily or if you go traveling within your city or country. Your iPhone uses GPS automatically, but it needs to use data to download the map information to display. That’s why, if you use maps heavily, pre-downloading them can save you a ton of data.

And there you have it. Start implementing these tips and you will definitely start to notice a decrease in your data usage.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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