Poetic Slimline Case for iPad mini (Retina) Review

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When I got the first generation iPad mini close to two years ago, I just picked up a third party cover from the local shop. It was red, my iPad was Space Grey. It looked cool.

But it didn’t have a back cover and the magnet was so bad, it almost completely scratched the side of my iPad. Also, I dropped the iPad a couple of times and that resulted in two edges being severely dented. When it was time to sell it off, I had to settle for $30 less.

So when I upgraded to iPad mini 2 (with Retina display), I decided to do it right. To get a case that was going to protect the whole thing, give me a better resale value, and be useful as a stand. All without being too thick or ugly.

I tested some covers from the local store, researched online, and settled with the Poetic Slimline case.

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You can get it for around $10 on Amazon (including shipping). That’s $60 less than Apple’s Smart Case. For about $18, I got it shipped from the US to India in about 2 weeks. And it was not only cheaper, but better than most cases available here in India. Isn’t globalization just the best?

I’m taking a systematic approach to this review and giving you 5 reasons why you should pick up the Poetic Slimline case. Also, this Slimline case for Retina display will work with the recently released but hardly updated iPad mini 3 and the rebranded iPad mini 2 as well.

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1. It’s Not Ugly

Have you seen some of the cheap iPad cases out there? God, how do people live with those things? The iPad mini is beautiful. If the case isn’t going to top that, it should at least not be ugly.

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The Slimline case has a leather-esque texture in the front and back (it’s more pronounced in the front). The case is made from polyurethane, not real leather, like Apple’s official Smart Case. Thus, it’s vegan-friendly.

The case comes in 7 colors and a few patterns, but just to be safe I went with the black version. I think it looks sober. You forget about the shiny Poetic logo after a while.

2. The Auto Sleep/Wake Feature Works

The biggest complaint I had with other third party cases was that the auto sleep/wake feature never worked. I had to turn it off.

On this case it does. The magnet is strong enough to not slip and let go when it’s in your bag.

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Stress testing the auto sleep/wake feature. You need to pull pretty hard for this to happen. In normal day to day use, it shouldn’t fall apart.

3. It Passes the Belly Test

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For the interest of humanity, belly not pictured.

The iPad is for consuming media and after reading, I use it to watch videos the most. Usually when lying in bed, at night, with the iPad propped up on my belly. It takes some adjusting, but once you find a stable enough surface on your body, the Poetic case will make the iPad stay there. And yes, I’m accounting for breathing movement here.

This is also something many other cheap third party cases fail at.

On rock solid surfaces like a table (and not my belly), it holds up especially well. To test it out, I poked the top half of the screen vigorously. The iPad rocked back and forth, sometimes as much as an inch, but it never fell over.

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When propped up on the smart cover, the iPad stands at an adequate angle for watching videos, writing and even reading.

4. It’s Not That Fat (Translation: Good Protection)

I don’t believe it when my mom says that about me but in Slimline’s case it’s true. I don’t know if it’s worthy of the Slimline name, but we’ll chalk that up to the perils of marketing in the capitalist world we’ve built.

When I first put it on, the case made the mini noticeably heavier and bulkier. But since then I’ve gotten used to it.

And I think Poetic draws a good line between thinness and protection. The case’s back cover is quite deep. You can see the depth in the camera outlet in the photo below.

Dsc 0377
Such deep. Much wow.

But the case is not so thick that you just can’t use it with one hand. Logitech Folio’s flap was too thick for me to hold and use comfortably single-handed. As you can see in the image below, with the flap open, the iPad lies almost flat.

Dsc 0359

Another reason why I’m okay with the added bulk comes next.

5. Microfiber Lining Will Keep Your iPad Clean

The interiors of both the flap and the back cover are lined with microfiber cloth. The same kind of material in the Smart cover that not only protects your iPad’s screen from scratches but actually wipes the dust off when you open and close it.

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As this is on the back cover as well, the metallic back of your iPad is going to be smooth. Many hardcover cases scratch the iPad’s back as it moves around. Not this one though.


Dsc 0362
Holding it like this, with the palm of your hand against the side of the Slimiline case is not uncomfortable.

As of now, I’m quite enjoying the Slimline case. Opening the flap to wake the iPad is mighty convenient. The smart cover as a stand is quite reliable and I think the looks and the added bulk make for a logical compromise. After all, I’m getting superior protection and increased resale value. And all for just $10.

At that price, and given other, often worse cases that sell for much more, it’s almost stupid not to give this case a try.

Buy the Poetic Slimline case for iPad mini 2 or 3 (Retina)

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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