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As of Dec 2014, a month after its release, Android Lollipop still runs on less than 0.01% of its install base. That’s kind of sad.

It’s not all that bad though. While Lollipop is visually pleasing, the underlying principles of the new design standard called Material Design are quite backwards compatible. So while you might not be able to bask in the glory of the smoothest notification drawer transition that ever existed, you can use apps that kind of look like Lollipop apps. You won’t get all the jolly good transition effects but you will get the looks.

And remember what your mom always said? Looks matter.

We’ve already written quite a lot about bringing Lollipop specific features to older devices. Today we’ll be focusing on Material Design wallpapers. Other than the official wallpapers, we’ll take a look at apps that deliver wallpapers that explore this design philosophy farther still.

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1. Material Wallpapers (Android L)

Screenshot 2015 01 17 17 30 05
Screenshot 2015 01 17 17 30 17

Material Wallpapers (Android 2.3 and above) is a simple app that lets you browse and set the official Lollipop wallpapers as your wallpaper. It’s filled with ads and doesn’t let you download wallpapers for some reason.

2. Tapet

Screenshot 2015 01 17 17 17 46
Screenshot 2015 01 17 17 22 01

Tapet (Android 4.1 and above) takes Material Design to a whole new level. It’s a wallpaper generator app. Material Design wallpapers are made up of bright, complimenting colors mixed with funky patterns. That’s a lot of room to play with and Tapet tries to explore the edges of the phenomenon.

3. Material Design Live Wallpaper

Screenshot 2015 01 17 17 16 47 Png
Screenshot 2015 01 17 17 16 36

Live wallpapers was a headlining feature of Gingerbread (ah, the good old laggy days) and now you can have some materially designed moving images as your backdrop using Material Design Live Wallpaper (Android 4.0 and above).

4. Download a Pack of 140+ Material Design Wallpapers

Screen Shot 2015 01 17 At 5 42 34 Pm

Google+ user Brian Parkerson has been kind enough to compile more than 140 material design wallpapers. You can view all of them in this album. Hit the Down arrow and then Download to download the entire album.

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Your Favorite Wallpapers

What’s your current favorite wallpaper for Android? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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